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Launch of the AAAS Member Community, Where Science Gets Social

Member Community


How can science best help advance society? What are the greatest risks of climate change? How can we make STEM more inclusive? And yes, do scientists know whether Pluto is a planet or not? Look no further because the place to ask those questions and get answers is the new AAAS Member Community, which officially launches today. This community is a place where facts matter, ideas are big and there’s always a reason to come hang out, share, discuss and explore.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new AAAS Member Community, where science gets social. The AAAS Member Community is the go-to platform for scientists and science enthusiasts to connect. It’s a forum for scientists and STEM lovers to talk about science, whether it’s to get updates about the latest news and incredible innovations, network with other members and perhaps even express their greatest concerns facing our community today. And, best of all, this is a community for our members, we’re just here to help,” said Michael Savelli, Chief Operating Officer at AAAS.

The AAAS Member Community also offers a personalized platform to privately share research, join exclusive conversations across the sciences and message colleagues and classmates.

In addition, AAAS Member Community will have several mini-communities on different topics, which allow for participation in discussions and sharing resources with other members. The AAAS Member Community has an Open Forum, a community for each of the 24 AAAS Sections, and a Force for Science community to discuss issues related to advocacy for science. AAAS Members can also create communities on special topics. Communities for “Science in History” and “Women in STEM” have already launched so that members can have various discussions about these subjects.

AAAS sees the value of cross-collaborating within AAAS Member Community. If members are interested in AAAS Programs, like Advocacy, Education, DoSER and more, the AAAS Member Community is a place to get involved with Programs’ special projects and learn about new Programs that are interesting. Members can also find out about upcoming events on the Events section of the community.