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Launch of Science on Tap from AAAS Membership

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What in the world is happening with climate change? Hint, hint: it’s usually hot!

What’s new with gene editing? Can someone say, “CRISPR babies”?

And what about the latest from NASA? Like the first all-female spacewalk (they’re women on a mission!).

STEM supporters shouldn’t have to search Google or ask Siri to find out the answers to questions like these, or to learn what’s new in science. As part of its broad goal of fostering education and science for everyone, AAAS is proud to offer its latest membership offering, “Science on Tap.”

Science on Tap is a weekly newsletter that curates and summarizes the most interesting and accurate scientific research, discoveries, and news happening each week, but in a cheeky, distilled format.

For Michael Savelli, Chief Operating Officer at AAAS, Science on Tap has been his vision from the get-go. He is the brains behind the idea and has since supported its growth into what it is today.

“Most of us care about and are interested in science and scientific discovery but don't have the time to devote to understanding the vast amounts of it that are published each day,” said Savelli, Chief Operating Officer at AAAS. “We conceived of Science on Tap to help make sense of all of this information but in a manner of that is approachable and enjoyable. ‘Fun Facts, Crucial Context’ captures what Science on Tap is all about; providing our readers with the week's most important accepted science while having fun at the same time. I think it is unique in the market and I am so excited to be a part of it.”

In a day and age where it’s easy to misinterpret the facts (yes, the struggle is real!), Science on Tap will also help break down the complicated science to all those wanting to stay in-the-know. In particular, Science on Tap is geared towards AAAS’s Advocate Members—individuals who are not scientists or engineers, but believe in the importance of science for our society—and other AAAS Members more broadly. Best of all? Anyone—member or not—can sign up for Science on Tap and share it with their friends, family or colleagues.

Science on Tap will be sent on Fridays and will cover a wide range of exciting topics, including climate change, health, science policy, artificial intelligence and more. To make the latest science news easy to scroll and skim, there will be three main sections of the newsletter: “The Spotlight” section, “Quick Links” section and “Daily Discovery” section. The Spotlight section highlights three especially newsworthy science updates, whereas the Quick Links provides quick, witty snippets of need-to-know information about other important news in science that week. The Daily Discovery features a quote from a scientist or fun fact of the week for subscribers’ enjoyment.

If you’re curious to learn more about AAAS’s Science on Tap team, feel free to visit the Science on Tap “About Us” page to see the squad putting Science on Tap together each week.

Sold on Science on Tap and want to sign up right now? It’s super simple! Tap over to and share your name and email. And what kind of trendy newsletter doesn’t have social media to share the tea the way you want it? Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


Alexandra Kirby

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