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Moving & Shaking – Winter 2015


Lyric Jorgenson 2015

Lyric Jorgenson


In November, Lyric Jorgenson (2008-09 Executive Branch Fellow) was named deputy director of the Office of Science Policy at the National Institutes of Health. She provides leadership in the development and oversight of cross-cutting biomedical research policies and programs of high national priority. 

Meredith Lee 2015

Meredith Lee 





The West Big Data Innovation Hub is one of four hubs launched in November by the National Science Foundation. Congratulations to its new executive director, Meredith Lee (2013-15 Executive Branch Fellow). She will help build multi-sector partnerships to address issues such as precision medicine and data-enabled scientific discovery and learning.

Dan Sarewitz by David Temchine

Dan Sarewitz | David Temchine


Dan Sarewitz (1989-90 Congressional Fellow sponsored by the Geological Society of America) co-leads a new initiative at Arizona State University: the Institute for the Future of Innovation in Society. The Institute aims to create ideas, tools, and people that can help revolutionize the way we pursue new knowledge and apply it for human benefit. A typical question the Institute seeks to respond to is: How can science and technology be harnessed to our economy to create new jobs?

Ashley White 2015

Ashley White



ALS (the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, California) has a new director of communications: Ashley White (2010-11 Congressional Fellow sponsored by the Materials Research Society/Optical Society; 2011-13 Executive Branch Fellow). She hopes her fellowship experience will enhance the facility’s engagement with Congress, federal agencies, foundations, and industry.