New Dues for 2012

The AAAS Board of Directors has approved a dues increase for 2012. The Board authorizes increases to cover two kinds of expenses: unavoidable costs associated with running AAAS and publishing Science, and new expenses that add value to membership. Postage and paper increases and improving online resources are examples of the kinds of expenses the Board anticipated in setting the 2012 rates.

The new rates are effective for membership terms beginning after 31 December 2011. As listed below, they do not include postage or taxes for international members, which is additional.

Regular professional members                             $149
Postdocs and K-12 teachers                                 $99
Emeritus members who receive print Science    $115
Students                                                                    $75
Patrons                                                                      $310
Institutional rate for print for high 
schools and public libraries                                     $360
All other institutions receiving print                          $1079

For further information, including subscription rates for Science online, librarians should contact AAAS or their subscription agents, or visit the Science Web site at

All members will be advised of the new dues rates on their renewal notices for 2012. Member dues and voluntary contributions form the critical financial base for a wide range of AAAS activities. For more information, contact the AAAS Membership Office at 202-326-6417 or visit