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A New Fellow-Led Science Policy Podcast is Born

You may be familiar with the Sci on the Fly blog created and operated by Science & Technology Policy Fellows. In an effort to keep science policy front and center and spark public dialogue in new venues, fellows launched the Sci on the Fly podcast on May 31. It is designed to help explain and illuminate the best stories shaping the world of science policy. Listeners can weigh in through the comment section and future podcasts are planned monthly.

The first episode features not one, not two, but six current fellows: Beth Linas (Executive Branch Fellow at National Science Foundation, NSF), Shobhana Gupta (Executive Branch Fellow at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA), Gabe Perez-Giz (Executive Branch Fellow at NSF), Kristin Lewis (Executive Branch Fellow at NASA), Claire Schulkey (Executive Branch Fellow at the National Institutes of Health) and Ariela Zycherman (Executive Branch Fellow at NSF), with production help from Richard Ames (Executive Branch Fellow at the Department of Defense) and Jeremy Ward (Congressional Fellow sponsored by MRS & MMMS). Participants hash about the elusive definition of The Scientific Method.

Don’t miss it: listen now.



(STPF alumni: Want to get involved? Contact Beth Linas at