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New Program: Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law

On June 1, 2011, AAAS formally launched its new Program on Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law, a merger of two former programs--Scientific Freedom, Responsibility and Law and Science and Human Rights.  The new SRHRL Program will continue many of the core activities of those programs, such as those related to defending the freedom to engage in scientific inquiry, pioneering the application of science and technology to document human rights violations, promoting responsible research practices, and engaging policy makers and the larger public on the social, ethical and legal implications of advances in science and technology. We will retain many of the approaches that have served us well in the past, but will also be open to new ones.

With the formation of SRHRL comes a commitment to exploring new areas of synergy between science, ethics, law and human rights. The historical relationship among them has always existed, but the merger offers real opportunities to look at them through a more contemporary lens.

The new Program will benefit from the advice of two current AAAS standing committees - the Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility and the National Conference of Lawyers and Scientists, a joint committee with the American Bar Association. As always, we welcome partnerships with others in performing our work in ways that advance the mission of AAAS "to advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people."

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