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Experts Question Adequacy of Missile Defense System

America’s ground-based defense against incoming ballistic missile warheads is unlikely to work as planned, analysts said at a AAAS-organized panel discussion.

Insights From Social Science Benefit Government
From military strategy to public health interventions, the social and behavioral sciences improve government policy, experts told a AAAS audience.

U.S. and Iran Must Develop a Talking Relationship
The United States and Iran need to find new common ground if there is any hope of finding a compromise on nuclear issues, said two ambassadors and former hostages of Iran.
The skull of a skeleton at at the bottom of an excavated grave site

Ancient DNA Hints at Causes of Leprosy’s Decline
The leprosy bacterium hasn’t changed much over the centuries, suggesting the disease declined in Europe due to improved social conditions, researchers report in Science.

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Kids’ Science: AAAS posts a special Science news page for children on EurekAlert!, the AAAS Web Site for science news.

Science Talk, the AAAS Experts & Speakers Bureau: Searchable resource featuring bios, video and photographs.

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