NSF Releases Science & Engineering Indicators 2012

The National Science Foundation has released its biennial Science & Engineering Indicators report, which tracks data trends in global and domestic R&D funding, STEM education, the science workforce, and public attitudes on science and technology. The report, using data through 2009, finds that long-term growth in domestic R&D investment, while slowing considerably, nevertheless outpaced broader economic growth. The U.S. also maintained a substantial lead in global research investments, though its share of global R&D declined from 38 percent in 1999 to 31 percent in 2009. This slippage is primarily due to substantial acceleration of research investments in Asia, especially in China. Thanks to explosive growth of 20 percent per year, China now ranks second in research investment, recently surpassing Japan. The report finds continuing support by the American public for science and technology, but also notes some troubling trends for the U.S. high-tech sector in the global marketplace. Click below for more.

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