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Physicist Leon Lederman Receives 2012 Vannevar Bush Award

Nobel laureate Leon Lederman is the 2012 recipient of its Vannevar Bush Award, the National Science Board (NSB) announced Monday.

Lederman is a founder and the inaugural resident scholar at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, a three-year residential high school for the gifted. He formerly served as the director of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory from 1979 to 1989, and is currently director emeritus of the lab.

The NSB highlighted Lederman's thirty-year association with Columbia University. "As both a student and professor, he led an extensive and wide-ranging series of experiments that provided major advances in the understanding of particles and interactions, which contributed significantly to what is known as the 'standard model,'" reports the NSF on its website.

AAASMC congratulates Lederman on his award and thanks him for his contributions to science.

To read more about Lederman's award, please go here.