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Podcast Series Features Applications of Science and Technology for Human Rights

A new AAAS podcast series from the Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program highlights the potential applications of science and technology for human rights. The series features interviews with scientists and engineers, many of whom are a volunteers with the On-call Scientists project, discussing how their work or discipline could benefit human rights organizations. 

In the first podcast, Brian R. Shmaefsky, Professor of Biology and Service Learning Coordinator at Lonestar College-Kingwood and Past President of the Society for College Science Teachers, discusses his field of environmental physiology and the types of human rights concerns his research has addressed. In the most recent installment with P. Rai Menges, an aerospace engineering physicist and the President/CEO of Star Sailor Energy and Aerospace Research Systems, she explains that “trade craft” in her field can help human rights practitioners collect, store and communicate sensitive information when working in risky environments. 

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