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Presidential Budget Request 2025

A Summary of R&D Funding

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The White House released its FY 2025 Presidential budget request on March 11th, in the middle of Congress finalizing FY 2024 appropriations. This means that the administration had to draft the request without knowing what the prior year’s funding numbers were – and we still don’t know all of them. As of writing this report, only 6 of the 12 appropriations bills have been passed and signed into law.

Additionally, this is the first budget that the administration has written with the Fiscal Responsibility Act’s caps in mind from the start, from which this year’s discretionary total for defense and nondefense funding was set in stone last June. As such, this is a budget full of small increases and a couple decreases.

The Presidential budget request as a document is intended to lay the groundwork for the budget cycle: outlining administrative priorities, programs and initiatives that could receive increased funding, and more. The document is aptly titled a request, however, as Congress has no obligation to adhere to it during the appropriations cycle this summer – it is simply a starting point that the executive branch has laid out. For more on the intricacies of the budget process, read our explainer.

The data in this report and the associated R&D appropriations dashboard is collected from a variety of sources, but the R&D estimates are all calculated from data provided through the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Following the estimated R&D totals are detailed breakdowns of the proposed funding levels of all the major R&D agencies to give some additional context to these numbers.

Download the report