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Reports from CAIP Affiliates: National Communication Association

NCA National Office
1765 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
phone: 202-464-4NCA
fax: 202-464-4600

The National Communication Association is the oldest and largest national organization in the world promoting communication scholarship and education. It is a non-profit association of researchers, educators, practitioners, and students, with over 7,000 members in every state in the U.S. and 25 other countries. NCA members work together to advance and strengthen the discipline through innovations in teaching, research, and the application of communication principles to human and social concerns.

An annual convention and other conferences provide forums for members to discuss all forms of human communication, including face-to-face, public, and mediated communication. NCA provides public outlets for scholarly exchange by publishing six quarterly journals: The Quarterly Journal of Speech, Communication Monographs, Communication Education, Critical Studies in Mass Communication, Text and Performance Quarterly, the Journal of Applied Communication Research, The Review of Communication (on-line only) and Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies. NCA also publishes two annuals, one on freedom of expression, the other on international and intercultural communication, as well as a series of books arising from the discipline’s research.

In addition to research and scholarly exchange, NCA members participate in a variety of national initiatives designed to apply the research and substantive content of the discipline to specific communication contexts. Of particular interest to members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science may be NCA’s current National Science Foundation funded project, “Communicating about Science: An NCA/NSF Graduate Education Initiative on Education, Innovation, and Best Practices.”

NCA engages in many international activities, such as:

  • An International Debate Exchange with England
  • International exchanges with Russia, Japan, England, and occasionally Israel.
  • International conferences convened in Mexico, Italy, Finland, and South Africa
  • An association affiliate program that is both domestic and international; some international affiliates include the Chinese Communication Association, the European Communication Association, the Russian Communication Association, and the South Africa Communication Association.

Other NCA initiatives that benefit and provide service to association members, the communication discipline, and the community include the following:

  • Alliances with other learned societies and interdisciplinary organizations to support and promote collaborative research endeavors
  • Associations with national pedagogical enterprises, such as the Carnegie Foundation’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning project
  • Public service initiatives that encourage the involvement of communication faculty and students in critical social issues, such as such as Communicating Common Ground that focuses on combating hate crime and hate speech in society
  • Consultation services to facilitate communication within the U.S. government, businesses, and other non-profits. Student organizations and honor societies for two and four-year schools  Lambda Pi Eta and Sigma Chi Eta that honor and reinforce excellence in undergraduate communication education
  • The Mentor Fund, that increases opportunities for communication students to participate in the discipline and in the community
  • Doctoral education initiatives Preparing Future Faculty in Communication – that enhance graduate students’ understanding of their multiple roles and responsibilities in a diverse society

More information about NCA is available on the association’s website at