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Results of the 2009 Election of AAAS Officers

Following are the results of the 2009 election. Terms began on 22 February 2010.

General Offices

President-Elect: Nina V. Fedoroff
Board of Directors: Stephen Mayo, Sue V. Rosser
Committee on Nominations: Pamela Bjorkman, Tom Lovejoy, Barbara Schaal, Maxine Singer

Section on Agriculture, Food, and Renewable Resources

Chair-Elect: Charles Arntzen
Member-at-Large: Jan Leach
Electorate Nominating Committee: Shauna Somerville, Jean Steiner

Section on Anthropology

Chair-Elect: Cynthia Beall
Member-at-Large: Nina Jablonski
Electorate Nominating Committee: Stephen Leigh, Kathleen O’Connor
Council Delegate: Pat Shipman

Section on Astronomy

Chair-Elect: John Huchra
Member-at-Large: Margaret Meixner
Electorate Nominating Committee: Giuseppina “Pepi” Fabbiano, Jay Pasachoff
Council Delegate: Lori Allen

Section on Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences

Chair-Elect: Otis Brown
Member-at-Large: Mary Anne Carroll
Electorate Nominating Committee: James H. Butler, John W. Farrington

Section on Biological Sciences

Chair-Elect: Mary Lou Guerinot
Member-at-Large: Loren Rieseberg
Electorate Nominating Committee: Charles Aquadro, Jennifer Stone
Council Delegates: Bonnie Bartel, James S. Clegg, Lynn Cooley, Marc Feldman, David Gilbert, William Lucas, Nancy Walworth, Susan Wessler

Section on Chemistry

Chair-Elect: Cynthia J. Burrows
Member-at-Large: Ron Raines
Electorate Nominating Committee: Klavs Jensen, Timothy P. Lodge
Council Delegates: John Hartwig, Clark Landis, Jeanne Robinson

Section on Dentistry and Oral Health Sciences

Chair-Elect: Carolyn W. Gibson
Member-at-Large: Kenneth Yamada
Electorate Nominating Committee: Dennis Mangan, Mina Mina

Section on Education

Chair-Elect: Elizabeth Stage
Member-at-Large: Sean Decatur
Electorate Nominating Committee: Patricia Mabrouk, Marilyn Suiter

Section on Engineering

Chair-Elect: H. Vincent Poor
Member-at-Large: Gary May
Electorate Nominating Committee: Cynthia Bruckner-Lea, Richard Alkire

Section on General Interest in Science and Engineering

Chair-Elect: Judith E. Parker
Member-at-Large: Michael Isaacson
Electorate Nominating Committee: Deborah Illman, Bassam Shakhashiri

Section on Geology and Geography

Chair-Elect: Ellen Mosley-Thompson
Member-at-Large: Thomas Cronin
Electorate Nominating Committee: Bruce Molnia, Henry Pollack
Council Delegate: Thomas C. Johnson

Section on History and Philosophy of Science

Chair-Elect: Jane Maienschein
Member-at-Large: Sally Gregory Kohlstedt
Electorate Nominating Committee: David Hounshell, Audra Wolfe

Section on Industrial Science and Technology

Chair-Elect: Carol J. Burns
Member-at-Large: Kenneth A. Jackson

Section on Information, Computing, and Communication

Chair-Elect: Vinton G. Cerf
Member-at-Large: Maja J. Mataric
Electorate Nominating Committee: Maureen C. Kelly, Tom Pyke

Section on Linguistics and Language Science

Chair-Elect: Mark Liberman
Member-at-Large: Jennifer Cole
Electorate Nominating Committee: Jean-Pierre Koenig, Joseph Salmons

Section on Mathematics

Chair-Elect: John Ewing
Member-at-Large: Mary Ellen Bock
Electorate Nominating Committee: Carl Cowen, Robert Megginson
Council Delegate: Philippe Tondeur

Section on Medical Sciences

Chair-Elect: Edward Benz
Member-at-Large: Harriet Robinson
Electorate Nominating Committee: Lisa Guay-Woodford, Ruth Ruprecht

Section on Neuroscience

Chair-Elect: Howard Eichenbaum
Member-at-Large: Don Cleveland
Electorate Nominating Committee: Michael E. Greenberg, Phyllis Wise
Council Delegate: Diana Woodruff-Pak

Section on Pharmaceutical Sciences

Chair-Elect: John Slattery
Member-at-Large: Ah-Ng “Tony” Kong
Electorate Nominating Committee: Michael Mayersohn, David Ross

Section on Physics

Chair-Elect: J. Murray Gibson
Member-at-Large: Jolie Cizewski
Electorate Nominating Committee: S. James Allen, Katharine Gebbie
Council Delegates: David Gross, John Negele

Section on Psychology

Chair-Elect: John Cacioppo
Member-at-Large: Jocelyne Bachevalier
Electorate Nominating Committee: Joe Martinez, Janet Werker

Section on Social, Economic, and Political Sciences

Chair-Elect: Kenneth Bollen
Member-at-Large: Julia Lane
Electorate Nominating Committee: David Collier, Nancy Lewis

Section on Societal Impacts of Science and Engineering

Chair-Elect: Rachel Levinson
Member-at-Large: Howard Gobstein
Electorate Nominating Committee: Angela Creager, Donna Nelson

Section on Statistics

Chair-Elect: Thomas A. Louis
Member-at-Large: M. Elizabeth Halloran
Electorate Nominating Committee: Marie Davidian, Nick Jewell