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SB&F's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

SB&F welcomes you to its 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. This year the editors looked for beautiful books that would not only make a great impression upon unwrapping, but that would also provide hours of enjoyment for the recipient. The guide includes a selection of beautiful books suitable for adults, teens or families. We also have a list of picture books that are sure to ignite a young person’s imagination. Finally, we have a list of some of the best science fiction books published this year, selected and reviewed by our editors.

You can view or download the entire list (complete with our annotations) or you can click on the ISBN numbers for the titles listed below to see the books on


Coffee Table Books

Cosmigraphics: Picturing Space through Time, by Michael Benson. Abrams, 2014. 320pp. ISBN 9781419713873.

Human Anatomy: The Definitive Visual Guide, by Alice Roberts. (Illus.) NY: DK Publishing, 2014. 256pp. ISBN 9781465419545.

LEGO Star Wars: Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy, by Vesa Lehtimaki. DK Publishing, 2015. 176pp. ISBN 9781465440099.

The New Birder's Guide to Birds of North America, by Bill Thompson, III. (Illus; from the Peterson Field Guides Series.) Houghton Mifflin, 2014. 368pp. ISBN 9780544070479.

Penguins: The Ultimate Guide, by De Roy, Tui, et al. (Illus.) Princeton, 2014. 240pp. ISBN 9780691162997.

Science Is Beautiful: The Human Body Under the Microscope, by Colin Salter. (Illus.) NY: Sterling, 2015. 192pp. ISBN 9781849941921.

The Science of Creature Design: Understanding Animal Anatomy, by Terry Whitlatch. Design Studio Press, 2015. 168 pp. ISBN 9781933492568.

A Window on Eternity: A Biologist's Walk through Gorongosa National Park, by E. O Wilson. (Photographs by Piotr Naskrecki.)  Simon & Schuster, 2014. 176pp. ISBN 9781476747415.

Children’s Picture Books

Emu, by Claire Saxby. (Illus. by Graham Byrne.) Candlewick Press, 2015. 32pp. ISBN 9780763674793.

Mad about Monkeys, by Owen Davey. Nobrow Press, 2015. 37pp. ISBN 9781909263574.

Molecules: The Elements and the Architecture of Everything by Theodore Gray. . (Illus. by Nick Mann.) Black Dog and Leventhal, 2014. 240pp. ISBN 9781579129712. 

One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia, by Miranda Paul. (Illus. by Elizabeth Zunon.) Millbrook, 2015. 32 pp. ISBN 9781467716086.

Raindrops Roll, by April Pulley Sayre. Beach Lane Books, 2015. 40pp. 2014018995. ISBN 9781481420648.

The Secret Galaxy, by Fran Hodgkins.(Photos by Mike Taylor.) Tilbury House, 2014. 32 pp. ISBN 9780884483915.

Spidermania: Friends on the Web, by Alexandra Siy. (Illus. by Dennis Kunkel.) Holiday House, 2015. 48 pp. 9780823428717.

Spit and Sticks: A Chimney Full of Swifts, by Marilyn Grohoske Evans. (Illus. by Nicole Gsell.) Charlesbridge, 2015. 32 pp. ISBN 9781580895880.

You Nest Here With Me, by Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple. (Illus. by Melissa Sweet). Boyds Mills Press, 2015. 40pp. ISBN 9781590789230.

Wild at Heart: Mustangs and the Young People Fighting to Save Them, by Terri Farley. (Photographs by Melissa Farlow.) HMH Books for Young Readers, 2015. 196 pp. 9780544392946.

Winter Bees and Other Poems of the Cold, by Joyce Sidman. (Illus. by Rick Allen.) HMH Books for Young Readers, 2014. 32 pp. 9780547906508.

Science Fiction

The Affinities by Robert Charles Wilson.Tor Books. 2015. 304 pp. ISBN 9780765332622.

Armada, by Ernest Cline. Crown Pub.Grp. 2015. 368 pp. ISBN 9780804137256.

Aurora, by Kim Stanley Robinson. Orbit. 2015.480 pp.  ISBN 9780316098106.

The Just City, by Jo Walton. Tor Books. 2015. 368 pp. ISBN 9780765332660.

Luna:New Moon, by Ian McDonald. Tor Books. 2015. 414 pp. ISBN 9780765375513.

Saturn Run, by John Sandford and Ctein.  G. P. Putnam. 2015. 491 pp. ISBN 9780399176951.

Seveneves, by Neal Stephenson. Morrow. 2015. ISBN: 880 pp. ISBN 9780062190376.

Something Coming Through, by Paul McAuley. Tor Books. 2015. 385 pp. ISBN 9781473203938.