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Science and Related Journals and Services

The non-profit AAAS, established in 1848, currently publishes three respected peer-reviewed journals:


The premier global science weekly


Science Signaling
The signal transduction knowledge environment


Science Translational Medicine
Integrating medicine and science

Other Publications and Resources

In addition to peer-reviewed journals, AAAS provides an array of print and online resources for educators, students, early-career scientists and engineers, reporters, and the public. Featured resources in key categories are listed below. To search for other titles, please visit our Publications Library.

Support for Careers in Science

Comprehensive resources, news, and job listings, from Science.

Science Translational Medicine
Integrating medicine and science

Young Women in Science: Forging New Pathways
From Science, the L’Oréal Corporate Foundation and UNESCO

Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation: Part of the National Defense Education Program
How to prepare CVs, write grants and papers, network, and more

Career Trends: Careers Away from the Bench
Insights for Ph.D.-level scientists seeking jobs beyond bench research
Science Literacy and Learning

Atlas of Science Literacy, Vol. II
Offering K-12 teachers a grade-by-grade guide to science learning

Other Project 2061 Resources
Benchmarks for Science Literacy, Science for All Americans, and more

Science Books & Films (SB&F) Online
A critical review journal for all sciences and all ages

Free, standards-aligned resources for K-12 science educators

Other Education Resources from AAAS
Browse publications from the AAAS Education and Human Resources group
Communicating Science
Communicating Science
Tools for scientists and engineers

Communicating about Climate Change
For educators, from Project 2061, the AAAS science-literacy initiative


Premier online news service for reporters worldwide

The online news site of Science magazine

International Issues

AAAS International Office
Resources on sustainable development, disease prevention, and more
Science and Religion
AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion
Titles range from evolution, to astrobiology and religion
U.S. Science Policy
AAAS Science Policy Publications
Online list, ranging from R&D analysis and Congress, to human rights

Science and Technology in Congress
Newsletter from the AAAS Center for Science, Technology, and Congress
About AAAS
AAAS Annual Report

Member Resources
Publications and other resources for AAAS members