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Science Policy Gets a Boost in Mexico and US, Along with Advice from Fellows

The 1st Mexican Congress on Science-Informed Policy brought together Mexican and international speakers from government, academia, national academies and multilateral organizations to provide a comprehensive picture of science advisory ecosystems, from local communities to global science advisory bodies. It also garnered a strong showing of STPF alumni fellows. Franklin Carrero-Martinez (2012-14 Executive Branch Fellow at the State Department), Frances Colon (2006-08 Executive Branch Fellow at State), Jennifer Pearl (STPF Director and 2002-03 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation), Pablo Valdez (2003-04 Executive Branch Fellow at State) and Tom Wang (2004-05 Executive Branch Fellow at State) were on hand for the event in Mexico City on October 19-20.

Tom Wang in Mexico

The meeting underscored the “vital importance of a diverse and coherent ecosystem of mechanisms that facilitate science to inform policy – from government science advisers at different levels, to professional scientific societies, to national academies,” said Wang, AAAS Chief International Officer. He noted that the science and policy communities have “some shared values that can help mutual understanding and trust.”

STPF Director Pearl spoke about the S&T Policy Fellowship program as a key mechanism for the science community to help inform policy. Her remarks focused on issues including the importance of ethics, program independence, and avoiding conflicts of interest. 

Following the meeting, AAAS participated in a signing ceremony for a collaboration agreement with Mexico’s leading scientific organization pledging to support continuing scientific collaboration and implement new ways to weave scientific knowledge into policymaking in both countries.

Image: Tom Wang in Mexico City, 2017.