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Science Update: A Dangerous Disruption

There's more troubling news about bisphenol A:

The chemical compound is used in the production of some plastics--look for those with recycling symbol #7. In an interview with Science Update, AAAS's 60-second radio show, neuroendocrinologist Heather Patisaul of North Carolina State University says bisphenol A exposure disrupts reproductive development in both rats and humans.

"What happens with our rats is they go through puberty too early," Patisaul said, "and this mirrors what we’re seeing in girls in the U.S., where the age of puberty is getting lower."

Patisaul spoke at a symposium Saturday at the AAAS Annual Meeting on the consequences of endocrine disupting agents.

In a separate symposium, researchers explored the link between bisphenol A and other synthetic chemicals with breast cancer.

Listen to host Bob Hirshon's story on Science Update.