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Seeking Global Solutions, Scientists Meet in San Diego

The AAAS Annual Meeting has long been known as the premier multidisciplinary science gathering in the United States, but this year it will continue its evolution to a prime international affair: When the meeting convenes in San Diego from 18 to 22 February, scientists, journalists, and educators from more than 50 nations will be there.


In his invitation to the meeting, AAAS President and Nobel laureate Peter C. Agre urged his colleagues to embrace a global vision of science. The meeting “calls on every scientist and engineer to make their work both beneficial and understandable,” said Agre. “It is a call to action that resonates around the world.”

Convening under the banner “Bridging Science and Society,” top researchers will discuss their findings in the context of global challenges in the environment, economy, health, and education. Attendees can explore cutting-edge research in the neurosciences, energy, astrobiology, public health, and environmental change, and learn how these advances directly affect courtroom trials, care for the elderly, sustainable cities, border security, and other public concerns. Experts will also discuss efforts to open up laboratories and factories and bring research to the classroom in an unprecedented effort to show students the day-to-day world of discovery and application.

Agre will open the 176th Annual Meeting with a presidential address; other prominent speakers include U.S. presidential adviser Eric Lander, who will discuss science and technology in the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama; Nobel laureate Carol Greider, who will talk on the genetics of degenerative disease; U.S. Geological Survey Director Marcia McNutt, who will speak on ocean science; and International Linear Collider Director Barry C. Barish, whose address will focus on new frontiers in particle physics.

The staff of Science, ScienceNOW, and AAAS’s Science Update radio program will provide coverage from San Diego in news reports, podcasts, and blogs.’s Annual Meeting News Blog will provide extensive reporting on symposia and briefings, along with links to U.S. and international news coverage. Find the full spectrum of Annual Meeting coverage at

For registration and other information about the 2010 Annual Meeting, visit Information from the meeting will also be posted at the 2010 AAAS Annual Meeting and ScienceNOW pages on Facebook, and via Twitter at #AAAS10.