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Summer Reading


AAAS Members talk about the books they're reading, make book recommendations, and share their love of books over Twitter. 


What are AAAS Members reading?

"Give me some scuba kit and a time machine and I'll dial to 380 million years ago, so I can watch strange fish swim through Devonian seas." by @helenscales in her new, fascinating book #EyeoftheShoal #marine #fish #book Loving it!

— Juniper (@GOESbyJuniper) May 19, 2018


Before digging into the new book on the Theranos scam, rereading a good book about an older scam. All of this has happened before...

— Janet D. Stemwedel (@docfreeride) June 3, 2018


Got this book for my niece & nephew but it is so cool... I'm tempted to take it for myself! #reading #science #STEM #kidsbooks

— Colbie Reed (@mindandmattr) June 4, 2018


Just started reading #HeartTalk by @withlovecleo. The dedication alone has me feeling good! Shout out to @PodSaveThePpl for the introduction. Excited for this little journey. #ISeeYou

— Shaun James (@NeuroWhat) June 4, 2018



What do AAAS Members recommend you read?

'Luckiest Girl Alive' author Jessica Knoll reveals her top 4 book picks via @NBCNews

— Richard Friesner (@friesner) May 22, 2018


Amplifying this giveaway of @ToniBuzzeo 's new book, WHOSE BOAT? in hopes that it isn't too late ... because Toni is a peach and you need her book. RT her original tweet for a chance to win your very own copy!

— Loree Griffin Burns (@LoreeGBurns) May 24, 2018


Nice summary of the book Bad Blood, definitely a book worth reading

— Nancy R Gough (@NancyRGough) May 23, 2018


It's not the only book on this list that I've read, but I love that Janelle Monáe included The Great Cosmic Mother (which I read soon after it came out 30 years ago).

— Monique Cuillerier (@MoniqueAC) May 17, 2018


Some adorable puppies (and @billgates) suggest these 5 books worth reading this summer

— Jill Kuehnert (@seedstories) May 23, 2018


AAAS Members also help with specific recommendations. Frank Harnell offered this information to someone who wanted to learn about baysian stats:

Some recommendations are at including McElreath's book and YouTube videos.

— Frank Harrell (@f2harrell) May 29, 2018


Reading can also be a social activity

At @MathesonMuseum, @macdonald_peggy “channels her inner @cynthiabarnett” (as we all wish we could) to intro @jackedavisfl at celebration of his #Pulitzer for “The Gulf.” The book is beautiful & comes at perfect time for me, as I try to absorb all the #NOLA environ history I can.

— Joan Meiners (@beecycles) May 20, 2018