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Teaching Black History Month

Black History Month is celebrated every February to commemorate the history of the black community. It's an excellent opportunity to discuss issues of race, genetics, culture, and civil rights with your students, and Science NetLinks has plenty of resources to help.

Broaching the topic of race and racism can be tricky. Get started with our The Illusion of Race (6-8) or Race and Genes (9-12) lessons, which separate the scientific and cultural definitions of race. Study human genetics more in-depth with Genes, Environments, and Behavior 1 and 2 (9-12) lessons. Genetic Variation within the One Human Race (9-12) further explores human genetic diversity.

Introduce your students to pioneering African American scientists through our dedicated Science Update podcast collection. Or take a look at the Material Marvels video series hosted by engineering professor Ainissa Ramirez.

The Library of Congress, National Archives, and other institutions also have teaching and educational materials for Black History Month.

Check back for more posts and resources on Black History Month here on Science NetLinks. How will you teach and celebrate Black History Month?

Image credit: Library of Congress