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Trellis Puts the Science Community at Your Fingertips

According to a AAAS member survey, nearly 80% of respondents pointed to a need for a better way to connect with other scientists online. AAAS responded with Trellis, a digital communication and collaboration platform for the scientific community. Launched in December 2014 in private beta, today it has more than 7,000 members spanning disciplines and around the world. Nearly all current and alumni STPF fellows are on Trellis, participating in groups covering topics from science innovation and biodiversity to climate change. By September, roughly 100,000 AAAS members will also be on Trellis!

Rebecca Aicher, 2011-13 Executive Branch Fellow at the Environmental Protection Agency, is Trellis’ new community engagement manager. She connects AAAS staff and programs with the wider scientific community via Trellis.

“I’m working to foster communication and collaboration among AAAS staff and AAAS programs.”

“As an ecologist with a love of all things science, I am passionate about helping people connect with science. As a brand new communication platform, Trellis provides a unique opportunity to connect thousands of members of the scientific community – whatever their subject area and wherever they’re located. That feels like a great fit for me!” said Aicher.

Trellis users can collaborate in large-scale research projects and foster communities of interest by participating in group discussions, sharing and editing documents, sharing events and calendars, reading newsfeeds, and more. The Public Engagement with Science group has more than 600 members including scientists, public engagement researchers, and public engagement practitioners who hold weekly online discussions, workshops at conferences, and even a virtual poster session. In addition to fellow listservs, STPF uses Trellis for group communication and collaboration.

“During my fellowship at the EPA in the Office of Research and Development, I had a great experience conducting policy relevant ecological research, but I found the most enjoyment in communicating about the science, meeting people from all over the world, and building collaborations. Being part of the Trellis team is an exciting way to stay connected to the scientific community while helping people connect with each other, establish collaborations, and build community."

Trellis is in a closed beta period as functionality is added and refined. If you’d like to receive an invitation to the site or learn more about its capabilities, email the Trellis team at