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Watch AAAS Second Webinar on Networking for Women in STEM

AAAS hosted its second webinar on "Networking for Successful International Research Collaborations." Panelists were four female faculty in STEM from Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) who were awarded travel grants, to attend the Gender Summit 7 (GS7) in Germany.

They discussed their networking strategy and outreach to researchers and academia in Germany. Networking is a reiterative process of trial, success and failure, where some results can be surprisingly rewarding and others disappointing. Traveling as a group and having the same goal, allowed AAAS delegates to GS7 to merge their efforts and start also planning for reaching out to foreign collaborators, in a collective way. In fact, they prepared a proposal to form a panel on gender issues in STEM, for a symposium to be held in Taiwan, in June 2016.

Watch the webinar and other related webinars on the topic, on MemberCentral website.

Webinar panelists:

Dr. Grazyna Badowski, university of Guam
Dr. Lymari Fuentes-Claudio, Universidad Metropolitana
Dr. Cynthia Waters, North Carolina A&T State University
Dr. Amber Wise, Chicago State University