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What AAAS Members Are Saying about Citizen Science

AAAS members are supporting citizen science efforts by sharing opportunities, tips, and success stories on Twitter. 

AAAS Members Encourage Others to Participate in Citizen Science

Help the National Frog Count
Record sounds of #frogs in your backyard with #FrogID app#Citizenscience has never been easier!@austmus @FrogIDAus
While you download, here's a musical interlude from Kermit the Frog :)

— Prof Ray Wills (@ProfRayWills) May 11, 2018


Calling all #citizenscience advocates to view the #Lyrids #meteorshower tonight in the northern hemisphere. Peak viewing between 9 pm & 5 am if you can find #DarkSky and minimal clouds. Great opportunity to share #astronomy & #STEM with your neighbors, children & grandchildren.

— Gregory Quarles (@DrGregQuarles) April 22, 2018


Yessss!!! awesome campaign to help identify where Antarctica’s Weddell seals live #citizenscience #SealSearching #climatechange

— Miriam Aczel (@MiriamAczel) April 14, 2018


New project to crowdsource cancer treatment strategies! #citizenscience #crowdsourcing (on Android now, on iOS in a week)

— Pietro Michelucci (@pmichelu) April 13, 2018


Citizen Science -- now time for Citizen History? HUBhistory seeks Boston family stories from those affected by 1918 flu!

— Conevery Valencius (@Conevery) February 12, 2018


#Socialmedia #citizenscience for #environment change@drlucyrogers @krupenin
also see

— Prof Ray Wills (@ProfRayWills) May 19, 2014


Need Advice? AAAS Members Share Tips, Resources, and Events

Brilliant, powerful large scale citizen science and participation in brain research presented by @LauraGermine -how do you get scale? Inclusion isn’t just about participation. it’s about participating in ways that you find accessible, engaging and interesting. #SageAssembly

— Anna McCollisterSlip (@annamcslipp) April 20, 2018


Watch @PeconicEstuary Citizen Science video on #Vimeo #nationalestuaryweek

— Richard Friesner (@friesner) September 20, 2017


Want to learn how to use @inaturalist before the #CityNatureChallenge? In DC/VA/MD? I'm leading a workshop! Sign up here: #citizenscience #crowdsourcing #biodiversity

— Carrie Seltzer (@carrieseltzer) March 26, 2018


Great conversations @AAAS #CitizenScience Colloquium this week. To reach beyond DC, here are my remarks - would love thoughts, esp on next steps! @CitSciAssoc

— Jennifer Shirk (@ShirkSci) January 12, 2018


AAAS Members Emphasize the Impact Citizen Science Can Have

Great study with lots of information about how the public engages with science through media, informal settings or citizen science.

— Martin Storksdieck (@Storksdieck) September 20, 2017


Sweet #citizenscience #dataviz #data #birds #migration #scicomm

— Dr. Kyle Van Houtan (@kylevanhoutan) February 27, 2018


A perfect example of how #citizenscience is growing stronger and participation being acknowledged by government scientists @NASAGoddard. Thanks to @coastal8049, @NASA, @SwRI, and the IMAGE (Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration) researchers. #STEM #astronomy

— Gregory Quarles (@DrGregQuarles) February 9, 2018


[ASSOCIATED IMAGE: Citizen Science Climate Change & Vegetation Monitoring; NPS/Hannah Schwalbe