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What's New on Sci on the Fly

Launched in 2013, the fellow-run Sci on the Fly blog and podcast promotes public dialog about science and policy, and provides STPF fellows an opportunity to gain experience in writing and podcasting for lay audiences. Fellows have been hard at work researching, writing, interviewing and editing a lot of great content. Click to subscribe to Sci on the Fly.


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Don Cleveland of the University of California San Diego is interviewed by Executive Producer Carlos Faraco (2016-2018 Executive Branch Fellow) about his work on drug-based gene silencing therapies.

Amanda Dettmer (2017-18 Executive Branch Fellow sponsored by the American Psychological Association) updated readers on developments with the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies® (BRAIN) Initiative.

Editor Yan Zheng (2016-17 Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) blogged about the need to recognize the evolving role of the private sector in U.S. innovation.

Ecologist Nalini Nadkarni at the University of Utah chatted with Holly Summers (2017-18 Executive Branch Fellow) about forest canopies, working with prison inmates who contribute to the scientific process, and launching a line of clothing that features botanically correct images of nature.

“We need to be having difficult conversations about our individual and collective responsibility to handle data ethically,” wrote Editor Lucy Erickson (2017-18 Executive Branch Fellow) and Meredith Lee (2013-15 Executive Branch Fellow).

Allyson Kennedy (2017-18 Executive Branch Fellow) recorded a podcast with Monica Feliu-Mojer, a neurobiologist and communications director at Ciencia Puerto Rico. They discussed how scientists can transition from careers behind the bench to science communication.

Scott Litzelman (2017-18 Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow sponsored by MRS/MMMS) blogged about the search for the best path to a clean energy future.