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Why Have Veterinarians in Government?

US Capitol Building

Fellows Matthew Ferreira and Deborah Thomson, both veterinarians, were interviewed by their alma mater, Tufts University, about their fellowship experiences. They tackled the question: do we need veterinary expertise in Washington?  

The answer is a resounding yes. Take for example One Health – a multisectoral,transdisciplinary approach to optimizing health that takes into account the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and the environment. It is a prime example of how a veterinarian is uniquely suited to such work since they are trained to work with multiple species and consider their living situations, including humans and the environment. And of course, veterinarians have an edge in working to address COVID-19. 

“If you turn on the news on any given day, that’s probably what we’re working out in the office,” said Ferreira. 

Read the full article in Tufts Now.  


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