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Reports from CAIP Affiliates: The School Science and Mathematics Association

The School Science and Mathematics Association is dedicated to improving instruction at all levels within and between science and mathematics by providing leadership in the field worldwide. Its primary work and publications address the needs of all of those involved in the science and mathematics teaching and learning processes.

The mission of SSMA may best be described in terms of three strands of content focus relating to three target audiences. These are the issues relating to (1) teacher education, (2) research, and (3) K-12 teachers:

The primary activities of SSMA include publication of School Science and Mathematics, the Association journal; the publication of the association newsletter, Mathematics-Science Connector; and holding annual conventions with international participation and for the promoting of research and development related to the integration of science and mathematics education.

School Science and Mathematics is published monthly eight times per year. It has been published continuously since 1901. Most of the consumers are libraries from around the world. The next largest block are individual members who receive it as part of their membership services.

The Mathematics-Science Connector is a quarterly newsletter with announcements and reports of the Association and other information of interest to the membership.

Special publications include monographs in two series: Topics for Teachers for curriculum leaders and Classroom Activities for classroom teacher use.

The Annual Conventions are held each Fall in various sites around the USA. All conventions include both science and mathematics teaching as well as their integration. SSMA has been a national/international leader in bringing attention to the integration of science and mathematics.


SSMA Annual Convention in Fort Worth, Texas: November 10 – 12, 2005

SSMA Annual Convention in Missoula, Montana: October, 2006