2003 Recipients: Magazine

AAAS Science Journalism Awards


win-duncanDavid Ewing Duncan

David Ewing Duncan is a journalist and author of five books, and a television producer and correspondent. His most recent book is the international bestseller Calendar: Humanity’s Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year (Harper-Collins/Avon), published in 22 languages. He is at work on two books for Harper-Collins: Masterminds of Biotech Build a new Man (2004) and Copernicus’s Monster: a Brief History of Why We Don’t Believe in Anything Anymore (2006). He is a contributing editor to Wired,Discover and the Acumen Journal of Life Sciences, and has written forLife, Harper’s, Atlantic Monthly, Smithsonian, Seed, and others.

Duncan is a freelance producer for ABC’s Nightline and 20/20, a producer for Discovery Television, and a commentator for NPR’s “Morning Edition.” He is the executive director of BioAgenda, a program of events to discuss crucial issues in life sciences. He has taught creative writing at Stanford University, and is the director of a series of performances in San Francisco called Grotto Nights. He works at the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto and lives in San Francisco.