2003 Recipients: Small Newspaper

AAAS Science Journalism Awards


win-whiteNadia White

Nadia White is the state editor of the Casper Star-Tribune. She has worked for the paper off and on since 1992, serving as city reporter and Washington, D.C., correspondent before returning in 2000 as state editor.

She traveled to Kazakhstan in 2002 to learn how brucellosis, largely a wildlife disease these days in Wyoming, is controlled in the former bastion of Soviet livestock production. The undertaking quickly turned from a consideration of cattle, sheep and veterinarians, to a public health discussion.

White is a graduate of Bates College in Maine and the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. Her work on brucellosis in Kazakhstan was made possible with a fellowship from the International Center for Journalists and the World Affairs Councils of America. She thanks Tony deRonnebeck for his design work on the brucellosis project.