2008 Judges

AAAS Science Journalism Awards

2008 Judges

Print Judging Committee

  • Robert Boyd, McClatchy Newspapers
  • Guy Gugliotta, freelance
  • Andy Revkin, New York Times
  • Kathy Sawyer, freelance
  • Pete Spotts, Christian Science Monitor

Television Judging Committee

  • David Baron, Public Radio International’s The World
  • Andrew Cary, Discovery Communications
  • Tina Hesman Saey, Science News
  • Rich Monastersky, The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Frank Roylance, Baltimore Sun

Radio Judging Committee

  • Christine Dell’Amore, National Geographic News
  • Marc Kaufman, Washington Post
  • Mary Knudson, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Janet Raloff, Science News
  • Naomi Starobin, WSHU Public Radio

Children’s Science News Judging Committee

  • John Carey, Business Week
  • Maggie Fox, Reuters
  • Lila Guterman, freelance
  • Lauran Neergaard, The Associated Press
  • Jean-Louis Santini, Agence France Press

Online Judging

  • Seth Borenstein, The Associated Press
  • Laura Helmuth, Smithsonian Magazine
  • Warren Leary, freelance
  • Brian Vastag, freelance