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AAAS Science Journalism Award - Online

In 1994, the AAAS-Westinghouse Journalism Awards became known as the AAAS Science Journalism Awards, with new support coming from The Whitaker Foundation. The annual awards of $2,500 continued to encourage and recognize outstanding reporting on the sciences and their applications, excluding health and clinical medicine. The awards were given for reporting in (1) newspapers of over 100,000 daily circulation, (2) newspapers of under 100,000 circulation, (3) general circulation magazines, and on (4) television, (5) radio, (6) online, and (7)children's science news, this last award created in 2005.

In 2009, The Kavli Foundation assumed sponsorship of the awards, now known as the AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards. AAAS began administering awards for excellence in science journalism as early as 1946. From 1959 to 1993, these awards were sponsored by the Westinghouse Electric Company as the AAAS Westinghouse Science Journalism Awards.


  • Stefan Lovgren (2008)
  • Katie Alvord (2007)
  • Larisa Epatko et. al. (2006)
  • Daniel Grossman (2005)
  • Carl Zimmer (2004)
  • Daniel Grossman (2003)
  • Alan Boyle (2002)
  • Amy Toburen (2001)
  • Terry Devitt (2001)
  • Susan Medaris (2001)
  • Darrell Schulte (2001)
  • David Tenenbaum (2001)