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Aaron Sidder - Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow 2016



Aaron Sidder
Colorado State University, Ecology
Fellowship Sponsor: American Geophysical Union
Fellowship Site: National Geographic



I am an ecologist and budding science writer, and am currently a AAAS Mass Media fellow writing for National Geographic. I am particularly interested in writing about environmental topics and climate change, but I have had the opportunity to cover a wide array of topics including atmospheric science, archaeology, and paleontology. I received an MS in Ecology from Colorado State University with a focus on landscape ecology and spatial analysis. Prior to working at National Geographic I was a research assistant with the U.S. Geological Survey. I hope to continue with both writing and research after the fellowship. 

Published @National Geographic during Fellowship

6/11/2016          Insurance Companies Unwittingly Aid Marine Poaching

6/28/2016          Rescuers Try to Save Giant Blue Whale Trapped in Fishing Gear

6/29/2016          Antarctica Could Lose Most of Its Penguins to Climate Change

6/30/2016          Remember the Ozone Hole? Now There's Proof It's Healing

7/06/2016          These Fish Swap Their Sex Up to 20 Times a Day

7/06/2016          Fish Found to Change Sex Up to 20 Times a Day

7/11/2016          New Spider With Horned Fangs Found in Dinosaur-Era Amber

7/11/2016          See Young Lion Yank Tranquilizer Dart out of Lioness

7/11/2016          Tiger Got Your Goat? Here's Who to Call

7/13/2016          In a Harsh Desert, a Watery Forest Survives

7/22/2016          Wildlife Dying En Masse As South American River Runs Dry

7/25/2016          Extra Toes and Fingers Were Revered in Ancient Culture

7/25/2016          See the Hellscape Created by the Raging Sand Fire

7/28/2016          Demand for 'Cute' Bulldogs is Destroying the Breed

8/01/2016          Indonesian Fires Girdled Half the Globe in Smoke 

8/10/2016          Does Air Pollution Reduce Cycling’s Health Benefits?

8/11/2016          How Sun-Watchers Stopped WWIII in 1967 

8/16/2016          This Marsupial Lion Ws the Size of a Squirrel

8/18/2016          How Cholera Spread So Quickly Through Haiti

8/24/2016          Are the Earthquakes in Italy and Myanmar Related