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About the Statement

The AAAS Statement on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility was adopted by the AAAS Board on October 12, 2017 (see also, Jarvis, M., AAAS adopts scientific freedom and responsibility statement, Science, 27 Oct 2017). The Statement is an enduring articulation of the meaning of and connections between scientific freedom and scientific responsibility. This online portal supporting the Statement is a resource hub providing information and articles that can be used to further and inform discussions within labs, in policy offices, on campuses and in classrooms about what scientific freedom and responsibility mean, not just in principle, but also in practice.

The development of the Statement was led by the AAAS Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (CSFR). CSFR is an Advisory Committee to the AAAS Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program. Committee members are jointly appointed by the AAAS Board and Council, and among the Committee’s duties is to “formulate and recommend principles and procedures to guide the Association in a continuing review of issues that affect scientific freedom and scientific responsibility, and to search for means that will effectively bring these issues to the attention of both scientists and others.” It is in furtherance of that duty that the Statement emerged.

The Committee is committed to ensuring this portal is updated with additional Science articles, featured articles, and AAAS activity descriptions. If you have any questions, comments or suggested resources to add to the online portal, please contact us.