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Anna Vlasits - Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow 2016



Anna Vlasits
University of Berkeley, Neuroscience
Fellowship Sponsor: Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Fellowship Site: STAT

Berkeley Science Review

I was born in Seattle, WA and grew up picking blackberries, sailing, and playing the cello on Bainbridge Island. In high school, I became a serious musician and went to Interlochen Arts Academy, where I also studied creative non-fiction writing and read some great science writing - e.g. Godel Escher Bach. This kindled my interest in science, which I've been studying ever since. 

Published @STAT during Fellowship

6/07/2016          Obesity rate among women reaches record high in the US

6/09/2016          Autism may affect not just brain but sensory nerves, mouse study suggests

6/15/2016          Antibiotics given to babies may change their gut microbes for years

6/21/2016          The growing diet divide between rich and poor in America

6/21/2016          Are Americans eating better? Income inequality still has a seat at the dinner table

6/22/2016          Growing Diet Divide Between Rich And Poor

6/30/2016          ‘Inception’ in the lab: Scientists are trying to implant false visions in people

7/11/2016          Treated bed nets shorten the lifespan even of mosquitoes that evolved resistance

7/12/2016          Bed Nets with Insecticide Cut Spread of Mosquito-Borne Diseases, Despite Resistant Bugs

7/21/2016          Toddlers learn words poorly in noisy environments

7/27/2016          Nasal Bacteria Pump Out a Potential New Antibiotic That Kills MRSA 

8/03/2016          After another stumble, is fMRI brain scanning learning from its mistakes?

8/12/2016          Molecular origami: Protein engineering emerges to fight disease



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