Area of Work I: Welfare of Scientists

The Welfare of Scientists working group aims to expand participation and effectiveness of professional societies in defending the human rights of scientists, engineers and health professionals; increases awareness and implementation of human rights frameworks that protect scientists; and helps professional associations better respond to individual cases of human rights violations.


Current Projects

Human Rights for Scientists
Facilitate information sharing on existing cases of persecuted scientists, engineers and health professionals through the Alert Network (a past project of the working group), including developing templates and other tools that support collaborative action across the Coalition.

Guide on Connecting Article 15 and Scientific Freedom
Develop a technical guide aimed at both scientific and engineering associations as well as human rights organizations to assist them in using the international and regional human rights mechanisms and frameworks to protect scientific freedom (Art. 15(3), ICESCR).

Past Projects

Primer on Scientific Freedom and Human Rights
Drawing from existing practices in the field, this guide aims to assist scientific, engineering and health associations to respond to threats to and violations of the rights of their colleagues.

Alert Network
The Alert Network is an interactive web platform hosted by the American Chemical Society that is used to engage Coalition members in advocacy on cases involving threats to, and the violation of, the human rights of scientists, engineers and health professionals.

Directory of Scientific Societies Working on Human Rights Issues
Profiles and contact information of scientific societies working on human rights. Also features links to resources for scientific society action.

Organizations Defending the Human Rights of Scientists
Provides contact information for and descriptions of organizations working to protect the human rights of scientists.