Area of Work II: Ethics and Human Rights

The Ethics and Human Rights working group aims to raise the visibility of human rights principles as part of the practice of science and its applications, linking ethics codes that guide the scientific, engineering and health communities to human rights principles.


Current Projects

Social Responsibility: A Preliminary Inquiry into the Perspectives of Scientists, Engineers and Health Professionals
Develop a report that explores the meaning of scientific responsibility as a corollary of the right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress (Article, 15, ICESCR).

Intersections of Science, Ethics and Human Rights: The Question of Human Subjects Protection
Develop a report aimed at generating discussion among the physical, life, health and engineering sciences about how best to address human rights as part of the practice and applications of their work.

Digital Case Archive
Develop and compile a digital archive of disciplinary-specific cases of contemporary ethical challenges relevant to human rights.

Human Rights in Codes of Ethics of Scientific and Professional Societies
Develop language that expresses commitment of scientific and professional societies to the principles enshrined in international human rights instruments.

Past Projects

Connecting Science, Engineering, Ethics and Human Rights: Beyond Human Subjects Research
A report and workshop exploring the intersections of science, ethics and human rights within the context of human subjects research.