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Articles from Science

Over several decades, Science has published articles and editorials related to scientific freedom and responsibility. Those articles and editorials are compiled here for ease of reference. This compilation builds upon an earlier list that drew from Science issues published between 1949 and 1986. As articles regarding scientific freedom and responsibility appear in Science, they will be made available here.

The articles are organized by theme and are in reverse-chronological order.
Articles are available for free download as PDFs.

Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Conduct of Science-Science Integrity
  3. Conduct of Science-Bioethics
  4. Conduct of Science-Responsibilities to Research
  5. Conduct of Science-Conflict of Interest
  6. Conduct of Science-Reproducibility
  7. Responsibilities to Science-Bioterrorism & Security
  8. Responsibilities to Teaching and Mentoring
  9. Responsibilities to Society
  10. Freedom to Conduct Research (Government & Politics)
  11. Freedom to Conduct Research (Funding)
  12. Access to Data, Information, and Research Materials
  13. Freedom of Expression and Communications
  14. Make Science Accessible to All
  15. Peer Review & Merit
  16. Other


Bonds Between AAAS and Hubble Span Three Decades (2020)

AAAS Kavli Awards: 75 Years of Top Science Journalism (2020)

‘Diversity Statements’ Divide Mathematicians (2020)

Breakdowns of the Year (2019)

2019 AAAS Fellows Approved by the AAAS Council (2019)

AAAS's “How We Respond” Report Captures U.S. Ingenuity (2019)

Golden Goose Awards Honor Scientific Ingenuity and Talent (2019)

Science Diplomacy Leverages Alliances to Build Global Bridges (2019)

Scientific Seminars Equip Judges to Counter Opioid Crisis (2019)

Scientists Engage Public on Human Augmentation (2019)

AAAS' EPI Center Shares the Science of Election Security (2019)

AAAS Connects Human Rights Groups with Science Experts (2019)

2018 Annual Election Results (2019)

Nobel Laureate Steven Chu Assumes Term as AAAS President (2019)

AAAS 2019 Annual Meeting Program (2019)

2018 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award Winners Named (2018)

Annual Meeting Focuses on Boundary-Breaking Research (2018)

2018 AAAS Fellows Approved by the AAAS Council (2018)

AAAS 2019 Annual Meeting Program (2018)

AAAS EPI Center Launch Brings Evidence to Policy-Makers (2018)

AAAS S&T Policy Forum Explores U.S. Competitiveness, Now and In the Future (2018)

Casualties of Human-Wildlife Conflict (2018)

Combating Deforestation: From Satellite to Intervention (2018)

Dark Nights, Bright Stars (2018)

The Sunshine State’s Dark Cloud (2018)

Conservation Accord: Let Countries Govern (2018)

Conservation Accord: Cash Is Not Enough (2018)

Conservation Accord: Corporate Incentives (2018)

Response-Conservation Accord (2018)

Greenland Sled Dogs at Risk of Extinction (2018)

The Misunderstood Sixth Mass Extinction (2018)

Injustices of Foreign Investment in Coal (2018)

What Precipitation Is Extreme? (2018)

Hazda on the Brink (2018)

Beware Silent Waning of Shark Protection (2018)

Marine Protected Areas: Just for Show? (2018)

Pesticides Thwart Condor Preservation (2018)

Europe’s Uneven Laws Threaten Scavengers (2018)

A Proposed Global Metric to Aid Mercury Pollution Policy (2018)

How to Pay for Saving Biodiversity (2018)

Is Genome-Guided Cancer Treatment Hyped? (2018)

Ivory Crisis: Growing No Trade Consensus (2018)

Response-Ivory Crisis (2018)

Testing International Education Assessments (2018)

Mining Threatens Colombian Ecosystems (2018)

Expanded Health Systems for Sustainable Development (2018)

Asia’s Hunger for Sand Takes Toll on Ecology (2018)

The Science of Science (2018)

Biocontrol of Invasive Carp: Risks Abound (2018)

The Carbon Harvest (2018)

Białowieża Forest: Logging Data Lacking (2018)

Białowieża Forest: Political Stands (2018)

Dams Nudge Amazon’s Ecosystems Off-kilter (2018)

Vaccine Mandates in France Will Save Lives (2018)

Tensions Flare Over Electric Fishing in European Waters (2018)

Mind the Seafloor (2018)

AAAS Champions Women in Science at International Events (2017)

AAAS Adopts Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Statement (2017)

AAAS Establishes Award for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (1980)

Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (1975)


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Conduct of Science-Science Integrity

A Divisive Disease (2020)

As Vaccines Emerge, a Global Waiting Game Begins (2020)

LGBTQ Researchers Say They Want to Be Counted (2020)

Ecologists Push for More Reliable Research (2020)

Federal Hospital Data System Falters at Tracking Pandemic (2020)

‘A Very, Very Bad Look’ for Remdesivir (2020)

AAAS Drafts Plan to Address Systemic Racism in Sciences (2020)

Disgraced Researchers Can Still Reap Drug Industry Payouts (2020)

Official Inaction (2020)

Internet Voting Remains Insecure, Says AAAS EPI Center (2020)

Traditional Knowledge Underlies One Health (2020)

Turkey Targets Critics of its Pandemic Response (2020)

An Ethical Framework for Global Vaccine Allocation (2020)

Indigenous Alaskans Demand a Voice in Research on Warming (2020)

NIH Must Confront the Use of Race in Science (2020)

Racial Authoritarianism in U.S. Democracy (2020)

Dismantling Systemic Racism in Science (2020)

Global Plan Seeks to Promote Vaccine Equity, Spread Risks (2020)

Wuhan Coronavirus Hunter Shi Zhengli Speaks Out (2020)

‘Huge Hole’ in Testing Data Blurs Racial, Ethnic Disparities (2020)

Famous Psychologist Faces Posthumous Reckoning (2020)

Officials Gird for A War on Vaccine Misinformation (2020)

Lawsuit Alleges Scientific Misconduct at Weapons Lab (2020)

Senate Bill to Curb Foreign Threats Raises Alarms (2020)

Academic Societies' Role in Curbing Police Brutality (2020)

NIH Requires Disclosure About Sexual Harassment by Grantees (2020)

Pandemics' Historical Role in Creating Inequality (2020)

Recent Immigrants at Increased Pandemic Risk (2020)

Authors, Elite Journals Under Fire After Major Retractions (2020)

Prominent Harvard Anthropologist Put on Leave (2020)

The Pandemic's First Major Research Scandal Erupts (2020)

Impact Of COVID-19 on Academic Mothers (2020)

Paperwork Mistakes Ensnare Health Data Expert (2020)

First Antibody Surveys Draw Fire for Quality, Bias (2020)

Deep Flaws in a Mercury Regulatory Analysis (2020)

How Women at NIH's Clinical Center Lost Childbearing Chances (2020)

Where Are the Women? (2020)

Leadership to Change a Culture of Sexual Harassment (2020)

The Bias Detective (2020)

Travel Restrictions Violate International Law (2020)

Preventing COVID-19 Prejudice in Academia (2020)

Top Neuroscientist Leaving Mexican University (2020)

AAAS President Claire Fraser Begins a Year-Long Term (2020)

#MeToo Moves South (2020)

Microbiome Researcher Accused of Sexual Misconduct (2020)

NIH Hopes ‘Cluster Hiring’ Will Improve Diversity (2020)

Prosecutor Details China Probe that Snared Chemist (2020)

Gaming the System (2020)

Articles in ‘Predatory’ Journals Receive Few or No Citations (2020)

How Safe is a Popular Gene Therapy Vector? (2020)

Russian Academy Probe Triggers More than 800 Retractions (2020)

NIH Director Pledges Action on Harassment After Report (2019)

Two Asian American Women Allege Bias by HHMI (2019)

Top Chinese Scientist Faces Questions About Publications (2019)

Universities Move to Stop Passing the Harasser (2019)

Double Dip (2019)

NIH Administrator Resigned After Sexual Misconduct Probe (2019)

Genetics Lab Accused of Misusing African DNA (2019)

Codes Of Conduct Aim to Curb Harassment at Field Sites (2019)

NIH ‘High Risk, High Reward’ Awardees Skew Male—Again (2019)

Duplicated Images Point to Fraud in Fish Study, Critics Say (2019)

On Reporting Scientific and Racial History (2019)

China's CRISPR Revolution (2019)

Fields of Dreams (2019)

Inside the Circle of Trust (2019)

The CRISPR Animal Kingdom (2019)

The Long Shadow of a CRISPR Scandal (2019)

Details Revealed on NIH Probe of Foreign Ties (2019)

Location-based Data Raise Ethical Issues for Cultural Heritage (2019)

France is Wary of Science and Vaccines, Global Survey Finds (2019)

The Confession (2019)

Ethics of Inclusion: Cultivate Trust in Precision Medicine (2019)

National Academy to Allow Expulsion of Harassers (2019)

Scientists Caught in U.S. Crackdown on China (2019)

NIH Limits Reign of Chiefs (2019)

Concerns About Ties to China Prompt Firings (2019)

Dengue Researcher Faces Charges in Vaccine Fiasco (2019)

#MeToo Controversy Erupts at Archaeology Meeting (2019)

Researchers Probe Jail Before Trial (2019)

Racial Profiling Harms Science (2019)

Racial Profiling Harms Science—Response (2019)

NIH Queries on Foreign Ties Rattle Universities (2019)

Empowering Latina Scientists (2019)

The Twitter Warrior (2019)

Bearing Witness (2019)

Defending Harassers Harms Victims (2019)

Fake News on Twitter During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election (2019)

Government Report Blasts Creator of CRISPR Twins (2019)

Shake-Up Threatens Novel U.S. Ecology Facility (2019)

U.N. HIV/AIDS Agency Assailed for Culture of Harassment (2018)

What Now for Human Genome Editing? (2018)

For China, A CRISPR First Goes Too Far (2018)

Shock Greets Claim of CRISPR-Edited Babies (2018)

Fresh Fights Roil Evidence-Based Medicine Group (2018)

Suspect Science Leads to Pause in Stem Cell Trial (2018)

Rethinking Retractions (2018)

One Publisher, More Than 7000 Retractions (2018)

A Scientist's Fraudulent Studies Put Patients at Risk (2018)

Fallout for Co-Authors (2018)

Volunteer Watchdogs Pushed a Small Country Up the Rankings (2018)

Relationship of Gender Differences in Preferences to Economic Development and Gender Equality (2018)

Leaks Put Italy's Underground Lab in Jeopardy (2018)

Editor's Note: Harassment Policy (2018)

NSF Issues Sexual Harassment Policy as NIH Promises Action (2018)

Evidence-Based Medicine Group Expels Internal Critic (2018)

‘Rapid Onset’ of Transgender Identity Ignites Storm (2018)

Renewed Sanctions Strangle Science in Iran (2018)

Improving Societies' Harassment Policies (2018)

Emerging Scientific Technologies Help Defend Human Rights (2018)

New Case of Alleged Bullying Rocks the Max Planck Society (2018)

Tide of Lies (2018)

Harassment Charges: Enough Himpathy (2018)

Harassment Charges: Journalists' Role (2018)

Harassment Charges: Injustice Done? (2018)

Harassment Charges: MeToo but Due Process (2018)

EU Verdict on CRISPR Crops Dismays Scientists (2018)

Report Details Harassment by Famed Biologist (2018)

Study of ‘Sea Nomads’ Under Fire in Indonesia (2018)

The Trailblazer (2018)

Engage Research Institutions on Research Regulatory Reform (2018)

In Nigeria, A Battle Against Plagiarism Heats Up (2018)

NIH Kills Alcohol Trial, Starts Hunt for Other Suspect Studies (2018)

Has Artificial Intelligence Become Alchemy? (2018)

Advancing The Ethics of Paleogenomics (2018)

University Is Quick to Disclose Misconduct (2018)

UK Trials of Airway Transplants Are in Limbo (2018)

Tobacco Giant's Research Largesse Ignites Controversy (2018)

The Happiness Project (2018)

The Long Shadow of Frankenstein (2018)

How a Horror Story Haunts Science (2018)

Blockade Harms Qatari Science (2017)

Swedish Plastics Study Fabricated, Panel Finds (2017)

Nations Put Science Before Fishing in the Arctic (2017)

Political Chill Reverses Thaw in U.S.-Cuban Science (2017)

Boston University Geologist Fights for His Job (2017)

Racing for Academic Glory and Patents: Lessons from CRISPR (2017)

Polarizing Head of House Science Panel to Retire (2017)

U.S. Blocks Iran from Fusion Megaproject (2017)

Backlash After Shutdown of Swiss Astronomy Institute (2017)

Breaking Bad Algorithms (2017)

Storms Await Weather Executive at Climate Agency (2017)

A Cold Case (2017)

Publishers Take Academic Networking Site to Court (2017)

‘Science Wars’ Veteran Has a New Mission (2017)

Reproductive Health in Culture Wars Crossfire (2017)

Archaeology in a Divided Land (2017)

Catalan Scientists Ponder Fate After Independence Vote (2017)

How Biologists Pioneered Preprints—with Paper and Postage (2017)

The Preprint Dilemma (2017)

Without Inclusion, Diversity Initiatives May Not be Enough (2017)

Reports Raise Concerns About France’s Nuclear Waste Tomb (2017)

Documents Detail Gender-related Tensions at Salk (2017)

China Cracks Down on Fraud (2017)

Gender Discrimination Lawsuit at Salk Ignites Controversy (2017)

Battling Bias: How Can We Blunt Prejudice Against Immigrants? (2017)

Society Labels Harassment as Research Misconduct (2017)

In Iran, a Shady Market for Papers Flourishes (2016)

Former Star Surgeon's Disgrace Rocks Swedish Science (2016)

Scientific Integrity: Survey Fraud Test Sparks Battle (2016)

Scientific Community: Targets of Misconduct Prob Launch a Legal Counterattack (2015)

Scientific Integrity: Self-Correction in Science at Work (2015)

Scientific Integrity: Fresh Misconduct Charges Hit Dutch Social Psychology (2014)

Raising the Bar (2014)

Scientific Misconduct: Sabotaged Scientists Sues Yale and Her Lab Chief (2014)

Shaking Up Science (2013)

Coercive Citation in Academic Publishing (2012)

Responsible Research Conduct (2012)

Ending Honorary Authorship (2012)

New Misconduct Rules Aim to Minister to an Ailing System (2007)

Crime Scene Investigation: How to Handle Misconduct (2006)

Science and Law: Integrity in International Stem Cell Research Collaborations (2006)

Archaeology: Oxford Center Raises Controversy (2005)

Scientific Misconduct: Researcher Faces Prison for Fraud in NIH Grant Applications and Papers (2005)

Ethics of Tobacco Company Funding (2005)

Stem Cells: Collaborators Split Over Ethics Allegations (2005)

Scientific Conduct: Changes Don't Stick to The Skeptical Environmentalist (2004)

Validity and Ethics in Science (2003)

Commission Proposes New Definition of Misconduct (1995)

Scientists and the Integrity of Research (1994)

In the Trenches, Doubt About Scientific Integrity (1992)

Scientific Integrity (1990)

Science, Journalism, and Whistle-Blowing (1988)

Response to Accuracy and Truth (1987)

Accuracy and Truth (1987)

Fraud in Science (1987)


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Conduct of Science-Bioethics

Core Commitments for Field Trials of Gene Drive Organisms (2020)

Transparency is Key to Ethical Vaccine Research (2020)

Transparency is Key to Ethical Vaccine Research—Response (2020)

Transparency is Key to Ethical Vaccine Research—Response (2020)

COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Ethics Once We Have Efficacious Vaccines (2020)

‘The Game Has Changed.’ AI Triumphs at Protein Folding (2020)

Self-Experimentation, Ethics, and Regulation of Vaccines (2020)

Global Citizen Deliberation on Genome Editing (2020)

Narrow Path Charted for Editing Genes of Human Embryos (2020)

Human-Centered Redistricting Automation in the Age of AI (2020)

CRISPR at Lightning Speeds (2020)

Ethics and Governance for Digital Disease Surveillance (2020)

Ethics of Controlled Human Infection to Address COVID-19 (2020)

Embrace Experimentation in Biosecurity Governance (2020)

Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Therapy (2020)

Promoting Biosecurity by Professionalizing Biosecurity (2020)

CRISPR Takes on Cancer (2020)

China Delivers Verdict on Gene Editing of Babies (2020)

Crossing the Line (2019)

DOE Readies Multibillion-Dollar AI Push (2019)

Prime Editing Promises to Be a Cut Above CRISPR (2019)

Technological Challenges and Milestones for Writing Genomes (2019)

Sickle Cell Drug Raises Hopes and Doubts (2019)

CRISPR Reveals Some Cancer Drugs Hit Unexpected Targets (2019)

Modified CRISPR Cuts and Splices Whole Genomes (2019)

Cancer Therapy Returns to Original Target: HIV (2019)

NIH Fetal Tissue Research Requirements Raise Worries (2019)

China Tightens Rules on Gene Editing (2019)

South African Law May Impede Human Health Research (2019)

At Arm's Length (2018)

Researchers Welcome Trump's Pick to Head Science Office (2018)

Biologists Raise Alarm Over Changes to Biopiracy Rules (2018)

Evaluating Human Trials: FDA’s Role (2018)

Response-Evaluating Human Trials: FDA’s Role (2018)

German Law Allows Use of DNA To Predict Suspect’s Looks (2018)

A New Cancer Immunotherapy Suffers a Setback (2018)

Bystander Risk, Social Value, and Ethics of Human Research (2018)

Worms Living in Your Veins? Seventeen Volunteers Said “OK” (2018)

Gene Therapy Field Hit by Fresh Safety Concern (2018)

Critics See Only Risks, No Benefits in Horsepox Paper (2018)

Conscious Machines: Defining Questions (2018)

Conscious Machines: Robot Rights (2018)

Creating a Modern Monster (2018)

Taming the Monsters of Tomorrow (2018)

Principles for Gene Drive Research (2017)

PETA Targets Early-Career Wildlife Researcher (2017)

Deriving Genomic Diagnoses without Revealing Patient Genomes (2017)

What Do Revised U.S. Rules Mean for Human Research? (2017)

Call to Halt Heart Trial Raises Vexing Questions (2017)

U.S. Attitudes on Human Genome Editing (2017)

The Stem Cell Skeptic (2017)

Embryo Editing Takes Another Step to Clinic (2017)

Antiaging Trial Using Young Blood Stirs Concerns (2016)

Panel Slams Plan for Human Research Rules (2016)

Bioethics: Embryo Engineering Alarm (2015)

A Prudent Path Forward for Genomic Engineering and Germline Gene Modification (2015)

Bioethics: Embryo Engineering Study Splits Scientific Community (2015)

Ethics: The ISSCR Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (2007)

On Neuroethics (2007)

Stem Cell Research: International Standards Proposed for Stem Cell Work (2006)

HIV Testing and Individual Rights (2006)

Gene Therapy: Panel Urges Limits on X-SCID Trials (2005)

Bioethics: U.N. Settles on Nonbinding Resolution (2005)

U.K. Bioethics: Divided Committee Urges Less Restrictions on Embryo Research (2005)

The Ethics of Public Health Surveillance (2004)

Ethics: Human Health Research Ethics (2004)

Research Ethics: Query by Congress Halts New Policy (2001)

Bioethics and Local Circumstances (1998)

Essay on Science and Society: Science and Morality (1998)

Essay on Science and Society: Why Must Scientists Become More Ethically Sensitive Than They used to Be? (1998)

AIDS: Ethics of AZT Studies in Poorer Countries Attacked (1997)

Responsibility of Co-Authors (1997)

Ethics: Sending Out the Message (1997)

Science Policy: Clinton Calls for "Human Values" in Science (1997)


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Conduct of Science-Responsibilities to Research

MRNA's Next Challenge: Will it Work as a Drug? (2020)

People With Down Syndrome Face High Risk from Coronavirus (2020)

Shots of Hope (2020)

Ensuring Vaccine Safety (2020)

Remembering Seasonal Coronaviruses (2020)

Tweaking Genes with CRISPR or Viruses Fixes Blood Disorders (2020)

Amid the Cheering, Some Vaccines Face Questions (2020)

New Challenges Emerge for Planned Human Challenge Trials (2020)

Public Needs to Prep for Vaccine Side Effects (2020)

Reinfections, Still Rare, Provide Clues on Immunity (2020)

Technology Feature | Can Patients' Gut Microbes Help Fight Cancer? (2020)

Vaccine Wagers on Coronavirus Surface Protein Pay Off (2020)

EcoHealth Reframing of Disease Monitoring (2020)

Effective Vaccine Offers Shot of Hope for Pandemic (2020)

Enhancing Host Cell Infection By SARS-CoV-2 (2020)

New Polio Vaccine Could Boost Faltering Eradication Drive (2020)

Pandemic Dooms Danish Mink—And Mink Research (2020)

Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy (2020)

The Long Shot (2020)

Herd Immunity? India Still Has a Long Way to Go, Scientists Say (2020)

How an Immunologist Pivoted to Tackle COVID-19 (2020)

Will SARS-CoV-2 Become Endemic? (2020)

COVID-19 Can Affect the Heart (2020)

First Vaccine May Stymie Hunt for Better Ones (2020)

Global Trial Eliminates Drugs, Pivots to New Ones (2020)

Susceptibility to Severe COVID-19 (2020)

The Engines of SARS-CoV-2 Spread (2020)

Airborne Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (2020)

COVID-19 in Children and Young People (2020)

Found: Genes that Sway the Course of the Coronavirus (2020)

Scientists and Science are on the Ballot (2020)

The United Kingdom's Mask Crusader (2020)

A Call to Test New Vaccines Head-to-Head, in Monkeys (2020)

Newly Found Viruses Suggest Rubella Originated in Animals (2020)

Technology Feature | Genomics Comes Full Circle (2020)

A Call for Diagnostic Tests to Report Viral Load (2020)

The ‘Bat Man’ Tackles COVID-19 (2020)

Flawed Interferon Response Spurs Severe Illness (2020)

Pandemic Inspires Push to Shrink Jails, Prisons (2020)

The Burden of Stigma (2020)

University–Pharmacy Partnerships for COVID-19 (2020)

Viral Heart Damage Under Scrutiny (2020)

Why Obesity Worsens COVID-19 (2020)

Can Europe Tame the Pandemic's Next Wave? (2020)

Malaria Fighters' Latest Chemical Weapon May Not Last Long (2020)

How ‘Elite Controllers’ Tame HIV Without Drugs (2020)

Spit Shines for Easier Coronavirus Testing (2020)

Zika Virus Increases Risk of Dengue Disease (2020)

Coronavirus Creates a Flu Season Guessing Game (2020)

Pandemic Lockdown Stirs Up Ecological Research (2020)

Pandemic's Fallout on Malaria Control Appears Limited So Far (2020)

Africa's Pandemic Puzzle: Why So Few Cases and Deaths? (2020)

Antibodies May Curb Pandemic Before Vaccines (2020)

Distorting Science, Putting Water at Risk (2020)

Untapped Resources for Medical Research (2020)

COVID-19 In Africa: Dampening the Storm? (2020)

COVID-19 Unlikely to Cause Birth Defects, but Doctors Await Fall Births (2020)

Engage with Animal Welfare in Conservation (2020)

Fast, Cheap Tests Could Enable Safer Reopening (2020)

Why Infection Poses a Special Risk to Pregnant Women (2020)

COVID-19 Risks to Global Food Security (2020)

How Does SARS-CoV-2 Cause COVID-19? (2020)

COVID-19 Affects HIV And Tuberculosis Care (2020)

Ecology and Economics for Pandemic Prevention (2020)

Nicaragua's COVID-19 Crisis Demands a Response (2020)

Polio Vaccinators are Back After Pandemic Pause (2020)

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Human Fertility (2020)

Aging Immunity May Exacerbate COVID-19 (2020)

COVID-19 Policies: Remember Measles (2020)

The Pandemic Virus is Slowly Mutating. but Does it Matter? (2020)

Can Interferons Stop COVID-19 Before it Takes Hold? (2020)

Rigorous Wildlife Disease Surveillance (2020)

U.K. Megatrial Outshines Other Drug Studies (2020)

Unnecessary Hesitancy on Human Vaccine Tests (2020)

Unnecessary Hesitancy on Human Vaccine Tests—Response (2020)

Improve Alignment of Research Policy and Societal Values (2020)

“Explaining” Machine Learning Reveals Policy Challenges (2020)

Could a Blood ‘Observatory’ Stop Pandemics? (2020)

COVID-19's Unsustainable Waste Management (2020)

Reducing Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (2020)

Pandemic Vaccines are About to Face the Real Test (2020)

Aggregating Data from COVID-19 Trials (2020)

Big Studies Dim Hopes for Hydroxychloroquine (2020)

Can Existing Live Vaccines Prevent COVID-19? (2020)

Coronavirus Rips Through Dutch Mink Farms, Triggering Culls (2020)

Moving Academic Research Forward During COVID-19 (2020)

Vaccines that Use Human Fetal Cells Draw Fire (2020)

Which Interventions Work Best in a Pandemic? (2020)

A Strategic Approach to COVID-19 Vaccine R&D (2020)

Doctors Race to Understand Inflammatory Condition in Kids (2020)

Ease Restrictions on U.S. Blood Donations (2020)

Rapid COVID-19 Vaccine Development (2020)

Scientists Put Survivors' Blood Plasma to the Test (2020)

AI Systems Aim to Sniff Out Coronavirus Outbreaks (2020)

Case Clustering Emerges as Key Pandemic Puzzle (2020)

COVID-19 Recovery Can Benefit Biodiversity (2020)

COVID-19 Spotlights Medical Diagnostics (2020)

Long-Acting Drug Acts Like a Short-Term AIDS Vaccine (2020)

T Cells Found in Coronavirus Patients ‘Bode Well’ for Long-Term Immunity (2020)

As Labs Move to Reopen, Safety Worries Abound (2020)

Blockchain-Facilitated Sharing to Advance Outbreak R&D (2020)

Pandemic Could Add Noise to Clinical Trial Data (2020)

Children's Role in Pandemic Is Still a Puzzle (2020)

Harnessing Multiple Models for Outbreak Management (2020)

The Race is on for Antibodies that Stop the New Coronavirus (2020)

Vaccination Strategies to Enhance Immunity in Neonates (2020)

Against Pandemic Research Exceptionalism (2020)

The Mystery of the Pandemic's ‘Happy Hypoxia’ (2020)

Indigenous Communities in Brazil Fear Pandemic's Impact (2020)

NIH Organizes Hunt for Drugs (2020)

Summit Briefs Policy-Makers on Drinking Water Safety (2020)

Pandemic Carves Gaps in Long-Term Field Projects (2020)

The Lockdowns Worked—But What Comes Next? (2020)

Can Prophylactic Drugs Keep Fragile Health Systems Running? (2020)

NAS Letter Suggests ‘Normal Breathing’ Can Expel Coronavirus (2020)

Pandemic Brings Mass Vaccinations to a Halt (2020)

Tested by HIV and TB, South Africa Confronts New Pandemic (2020)

As Normalcy Returns, Can China Keep COVID-19 at Bay? (2020)

Infect Volunteers to Speed a Coronavirus Vaccine? (2020)

Vaccine Designers Take First Shots at COVID-19 (2020)

COVID-19 Drives New Threat to Bats in China (2020)

Misguided Drug Advice For COVID-19 (2020)

Race to Find COVID-19 Treatments Accelerates (2020)

With COVID-19, Modeling Takes on Life and Death Importance (2020)

Challenges of Human Nutrition Research (2020)

Coronavirus Disruptions Reverberate Through Research (2020)

Countries Test Tactics in ‘War’ Against COVID-19 (2020)

Technology Feature | Democratizing Cryo-EM: Broadening Access to an Expanding Field (2020)

Genome Analyses Help Track Coronavirus' Moves (2020)

Treating Sickle Cell Anemia (2020)

Can China's COVID-19 Strategy Work Elsewhere? (2020)

Overcoming Obstacles to Experiments in Legal Practice (2020)

Post-2020 Goals Overlook Genetic Diversity (2020)

Strategies Shift as Coronavirus Pandemic Looms (2020)

Coronavirus Epidemic Snarls Science Worldwide (2020)

Toward a Universal Flu Vaccine (2020)

Labs Scramble to Produce New Coronavirus Diagnostics (2020)

The Health Carer (2020)

No Hasty Solutions for African Swine Fever (2020)

Will Novel Virus Go Pandemic or be Contained? (2020)

New Coronavirus Threat Galvanizes Scientists (2020)

Screen for Childhood Trauma Triggers Debate (2020)

Biotechnologies Nibbling at the Legal “Human” (2019)

Genome Studies Must Account for History (2019)

Genome Studies Must Account for History—Response (2019)

Genome Studies Reveal Flaws in Broad Consent (2019)

To Help the ‘Disadvantaged,’ NIH Refines its Definition (2019)

AIs Direct Search for Materials Breakthroughs (2019)

Doubts Persist for Claimed Alzheimer's Drug (2019)

Epilepsy's Next Frontier (2019)

Evidence, Alarm, and the Debate Over E-Cigarettes (2019)

Algorithms on Regulatory Lockdown in Medicine (2019)

Institute that Aims to Reshape Health Care Seeks Renewal (2019)

Wind Energy: A Human Challenge (2019)

Wind Energy: An Ecological Challenge (2019)

Bacteria-Armed Mosquitoes Make Dent in Dengue (2019)

Cyber Risk Research Impeded by Disciplinary Barriers (2019)

Misguided Approach to Dengue Vaccine Risk (2019)

Questions Churn About Vaping's Long-Term Risks (2019)

How Low Should We Go When Warning for Earthquakes? (2019)

China's Key Role in Scaling Low-Carbon Energy Technologies (2019)

Collaboration Across Boundaries in the Amazon (2019)

Disability Inclusion Enhances Science (2019)

Increasing Gender Diversity in the STEM Research Workforce (2019)

Top Israeli Immunologist's Views on Vaccines Trigger Furor (2019)

After Decades, Progress Against an ‘Undruggable’ Cancer Target (2019)

Gates and NIH Join Forces on HIV and Sickle Cell Diseases (2019)

How Measles Causes the Body to ‘Forget’ Past Infections (2019)

To Help Aging Populations, Classify Organismal Senescence (2019)

Assessing Risk, Automating Racism (2019)

New Drugs Target Growing Threat of Fatal Fungi (2019)

Obscure Cold War Nerve Agents Set to be Banned (2019)

Predict Science to Improve Science (2019)

Double Counting and the Paris Agreement Rulebook (2019)

Societal Burdens of Nature Loss (2019)

Collaborations And Capacities to Transform Fire Management (2019)

NIH Center Struggles to Speed New Therapies (2019)

Privacy Concerns Could Derail Facebook Data-Sharing Plan (2019)

A Climate Intelligence Arms Race in Financial Markets (2019)

Technology Feature | When Robots Sleep, Do They Dream of Algorithms? (2019)

Controversy Over Dengue Vaccine Risk (2019)

Eradication Goal Splits Malaria Community (2019)

Downgrading of Regulation in Regenerative Medicine (2019)

Successful Ebola Treatments Promise to Tame Outbreak (2019)

Ebola Veteran Promises an End to Congo's Epidemic (2019)

Fields on Fire: Alternatives to Crop Residue Burning in India (2019)

A Greener Path for the EU Common Agricultural Policy (2019)

Cuts And Dismissive Remarks Unnerve Mexican Scientists (2019)

Indonesia Gets Tough on Foreign Scientists (2019)

Once-a-Year Implant Shows Promise Against HIV (2019)

A Painful Legacy (2019)

Polio Eradication Campaign Loses Ground (2019)

Psychologist Aims to Study Diverse Minds, Not Weirdos (2019)

Regulating Genetic Biohacking (2019)

North Korea's HIV Epidemic Emerges from the Shadows (2019)

Plan to Use Second Ebola Vaccine Sparks Debate (2019)

NIH Prepares to Toughen Harassment Rules (2019)

Science Fiction: Fictitious Experiments in Patents (2019)

Native American Groups Wary of Big U.S. Biobank (2019)

Project Traces 500 Million Years of Roller-Coaster Climate (2019)

Technology Feature | Epitranscriptomics: RNA Revisited (2019)

Genomics Breeds New Legal Questions (2019)

Colombia's Inadequate Environmental Goals (2019)

Consent Insufficient for Data Release (2019)

Consent Insufficient for Data Release—Response (2019)

Evidence Supports Prediabetes Treatment (2019)

Ebola Outbreak Continues Despite Powerful Vaccine (2019)

Lyme Disease Research Gets a Needed Boost (2019)

New Climate Models Forecast a Warming Surge (2019)

Waning Immunity (2019)

Closure of U.S. Toxoplasma Lab Draws Ire (2019)

Concerns of Young Protesters are Justified (2019)

Sensitive Intervention Points in the Post-Carbon Transition (2019)

First Opioid Settlement Lets Researchers Think Big (2019)

Subsidies, Efficiency, and Fairness in Fisheries Policy (2019)

Applying Wargames to Real-World Policies (2019)

Applying Wargames to Real-World Policies—Response (2019)

Don't Abandon Evidence and Process on Air Pollution Policy (2019)

Tests Identify HIV's Final Redoubt (2019)

Giant Prevention Study Has Sobering Message (2019)

Time for Korean Wildlife Conservation (2019)

WHO is ‘Changing Its DNA’ in Bid to Meet New Goals? (2019)

Animal Cultures Matter for Conservation (2019)

Broadly Defining “Working Lands” (2019)

Broadly Defining “Working Lands”—Response (2019)

Did Black Death Strike Sub-Saharan Africa? (2019)

Dubious Diagnosis (2019)

Has a Second Person with HIV Been Cured? (2019)

Clinical Trials Test Potential CPR Upgrade (2019)

Improving Care of Critically Ill Newborns (2019)

Natural Climate Solutions are Not Enough (2019)

Risks of Compulsory Genetic Databases (2019)

Risks of Compulsory Genetic Databases—Response (2019)

Sweating the Small Things (2019)

Regulation of Predictive Analytics in Medicine (2019)

Technology Feature | Shotgunning the Messenger: Single-Cell RNA Sequencing (2019)

AIDS Push Gets Mixed Reviews (2019)

Controversial Flu Studies Can Resume, U.S. Panel Says (2019)

In India, Hindu Pride Boosts Pseudoscience (2019)

Long Delays in Banning Trade in Threatened Species (2019)

Measles Epidemic in Ukraine Drove Troubling European Year (2019)

A Sweeter Approach to Vaccine Design (2019)

Brazil's Indigenous Lands Under Threat (2019)

Sponsored Collection | Smarter Imaging: Gaining More from Your Microscopy Experiments (2019)

Shadow Health Records Meet New Data Privacy Laws (2019)

Scientific Societies Worry About Threat from Plan S (2019)

The Misinformation Machine (2019)

U.S. Defenses Look to Thwart Missiles Early (2019)

In Congo, Fighting a Virus and a Groundswell of Fake News (2019)

Oversight of Direct-to-Consumer Neurotechnologies (2019)

How to Shine in Indonesian Science? Game the System (2019)

Integrated Data Could Augment Resilience (2019)

Researchers Object to Census Privacy Measure (2019)

The MOOC Pivot (2019)

National Academies Urges Renewed Commitment to Fusion (2018)

Next-Generation Wargames (2018)

Worries About Ebola Outbreak Grow, Despite Use of Vaccine (2018)

Defending the Return of Results and Data (2018)

Working Governance for Working Land (2018)

Tragedy Revisited (2018)

Universal Flu Vaccine is ‘An Alchemist's Dream’ (2018)

Taking Aim (2018)

Flawed Analyses of U.S. Auto Fuel Economy Standards (2018)

Toward a Chemical Vaccine for Malaria (2018)

Technology Feature | ChIP Off the Old Block: Beyond Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (2018)

Forgotten No More (2018)

Scan the Horizon for Unprecedented Risks (2018)

The Case for Monitoring Life-Span Inequality (2018)

Is it Time for a Universal Genetic Forensic Database? (2018)

Vote Heralds Fresh Start for Science Panel (2018)

Halt Speculation on U.S. Embassy in Cuba (2018)

Standardizing Return of Participant Results (2018)

Preventing Chemical Weapons as Sciences Converge (2018)

Technology Feature | Protein Expression, Revisited (2018)

Indonesian Fatwa Causes Immunization Rates to Drop (2018)

Denuclearizing North Korea Requires Trust (2018)

Neutrino Physics for Korean Diplomacy (2018)

Improve Traffic Death Statistics in China (2018)

Whose Science? A New Era in Regulatory “Science Wars” (2018)

Engaging Community with Humility (2018)

Editing Nature: Local Roots of Global Governance (2018)

Sources of Human Viruses (2018)

Protect NIH's DNA Advisory Committee (2018)

Threats to Timely Sharing of Pathogen Sequence Data (2018)

Outbreaks of Polio-like Disease Pose a Puzzle (2018)

Toxin or Treatment? (2018)

China's Fight Against Soil Pollution (2018)

Well-Being in Metrics and Policy (2018)

Toward Human Egg-like Cells in Vitro (2018)

Landscapes that Work for Biodiversity and People (2018)

A New Leaf (2018)

Preventing Chemical Release in Hurricanes (2018)

Return of Results and Data to Study Participants (2018)

Technology Feature | Replacing the Replacements: Animal Model Alternatives (2018)

Metropolitan Versus Small-Town Influenza (2018)

Preserving Microbial Diversity (2018)

Bridging the Gap (2018)

Lack of Science Support Fails Brazil (2018)

Species Definitions Shape Policy (2018)

Cancer Prevention: Molecular and Epidemiologic Consensus (2018)

Technology Feature | Pharmacogenomics: Better Drugs Through Better Screening (2018)

Changing Dynamics of the Drug Overdose Epidemic in the United States From 1979 Through 2016 (2018)

Steep Drop in Zika Cases Undermines Vaccine Trial (2018)

Windfall (2018)

U.S. Fast Test Reactor Will Pay Dividends (2018)

Prioritizing Population Policies (2018)

A “Technology-Smart” Battery Policy Strategy for Europe (2018)

Denuclearizing North Korea: A Verified, Phased Approach (2018)

Protecting U.S. Temporary Waterways (2018)

Privacy and Genetic Genealogy Data (2018)

The Reemergence of Yellow Fever (2018)

Europe's Plans for Responsible Science (2018)

Anticipating Data-Induced Bias (2018)

The Paradox of Irrigation Efficiency (2018)

How AI Can Be a Force for Good (2018)

Enterovirus Outbreak Dynamics (2018)

Critics Pan EPA Plan for Weighing Toxic Chemical Risks (2018)

Global Warming Policy: Is Population Left Out in the Cold? (2018)

Protected Land: Many Factors Shape Success (2018)

Protected Land: Threat of Invasive Species (2018)

Building an Evidence Base for Stakeholder Engagement (2018)

The Future of Humans as Model Organisms (2018)

‘Ending AIDS’ Movement Falters Worldwide (2018)

Staying Slim During Pregnancy Carries a Price (2018)

Indigenous Communities, Groundwater Opportunities (2018)

The Anticommons at 20: Concerns for Research Continue (2018)

Reducing Uncertainties in Climate Models (2018)

Congo Rapidly Curtails Ebola (2018)

‘Frightening’ Typhoid Fever Outbreak Spreads in Pakistan (2018)

Hackers Easily Fool Artificial Intelligences (2018)

A Second Chance (2018)

A Path to Clean Water (2018)

Regulate to Reduce Chemical Mixture Risk (2018)

The Seasonal Fingerprint of Climate Change (2018)

Meat Consumption, Health, and the Environment (2018)

Human Influence on the Seasonal Cycle of Tropospheric Temperature (2018)

Polio Outbreaks in the DRC Threaten Eradication Effort (2018)

Is FDA's Revolving Door Open Too Wide? (2018)

Building Trust in an LGBT-Hostile Country (2018)

Safety Concerns Derail Dengue Vaccination Program (2017)

Why Fossil Scientists are Suing Trump Over Monuments Move (2017)

Sudan Seeks a Science Revival (2017)

Cuban Panel Claims Stress Caused Mystery Illnesses (2017)

Saving Lives by Regulating Guns: Evidence for Policy (2017)

Science Groups Urge Changes as Congress Nears Final Tax Bill (2017)

Automatic Error Spotter Gains in Popularity (2017)

Relativity Survives Drop Test (2017)

Battle Over Drilling in Arctic Refuge Reignites (2017)

Valuing Water for Sustainable Development (2017)

Ancient Australian Goes Home (2017)

Brain Implant Trials Spur Ethical Discussions (2017)

The Arctic Science Agreement Propels Science Diplomacy (2017)

Revamp Animal Research Rules, Report Urges (2017)

Roads to Riches or Ruin? (2017)

Ethics of Maternal Vaccination (2017)

Medicine's Future? (2017)

Original Sin (2017)

Analysis of China’s One-child Policy Sparks Uproar (2017)

Drug-resistant Malaria Advances in Mekong (2017)

Deciphering Dueling Analyses of Clean Water Regulations (2017)

Critics Pan Wolf Plan (2017)

Toward Pesticidovigilance (2017)

NIH Quietly Shelves Gun Research Program (2017)

Bot-hunters Eye Mischief in German Election (2017)

Science in Litigation, the Third Branch of U.S. Climate Policy (2017)

Panel Urges Steps to Boost Evidence-based Policy (2017)

Influence, Integrity, and the FDA: An Ethical Framework (2017)

Science Suffers as China Plugs Holes in Great Firewall (2017)

Children with Cancer Get More Access to Experimental Drugs (2017)

Revolutionary Malaria Tests Have Unexpected Downsides (2017)

Policy Forum: Data, Privacy, and the Greater Good (2015)

Privacy and Human Behavior in the Age of Information (2015)

Control Use of data to Protect Privacy (2015)

Trust Me, I'm a Medical Researcher (2015)

The End of Privacy: Introduction (2015)

Privacy: Credit Card Study Blows Holes in Anonymity (2015)

Infectious Diseases: Ebola Vaccine Trials Raise Ethical Issues (2014)

Unknown Significance (2014)

Medicine: Suspect Drug Research Blamed for Massive Death Toll (2014)

A Lonely Crusade (2014)

Ethics: The Bioethics Commission on Incidental Findings (2013)

Research Ethics: To Protect Human Subjects, Review What Was Done, Not Proposed (2012)

Research Ethics: Aligning Regulations and Ethics in Human Research (2012)

The War in Afghanistan: War as a Labortory for Trauma Research (2011)

Research Ethics: Research Practice and Participant Preferences (2011)

Human Genome 10th Anniversary: What Whould You Do? (2011)

AIDS Research: Trials of NIH's AIDS Vaccine Get a Yellow Light (2007)

Ethics: The Ethics of International Research with Abandoned Children (2007)

Biomedical Research: Study of HIV Transmission Sparks Ethics Debate (2000)

Controversy of the Year: Biomedical Ethics on the Front Burner (2000)

Privacy in Genetics Research (1999)


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Conduct of Science-Conflict of Interest

Hidden Ethical Costs of Conservation (2020)

Despite Obstacles, WHO Unveils Plan to Distribute Vaccine (2020)

Controlling the Coronavirus Narrative (2020)

Antivaccine Forces Gaining Online (2020)

NIH Move to Ax Bat Coronavirus Grant Draws Fire (2020)

Investments' Role in Ecosystem Degradation (2020)

Investments' Role in Ecosystem Degradation—Response (2020)

Public Health Scientists in the Crosshairs (2020)

Florida Center Details Fired Scientists' Links to China (2020)

EPA Plan to End Animal Testing Splits Scientists (2019)

Australia Targets Foreign Influence at Universities (2019)

U.S. Suspicions Rankle Chinese Scientists (2019)

Poland's Conflicting Environmental Laws (2019)

Demotion Dismays Researchers at Storied Danish Museum (2018)

New NSF Policy Will Stifle Innovation (2018)

Scientists, Environmentalists Brace for Brazil's Right Turn (2018)

Hidden Conflicts? (2018)

Lawmakers Ask NIH and CDC Charities for More on Donors (2018)

Proposed DOE Test Reactor Sparks Controversy (2018)

Too Much of a Good Thing? (2018)

Was There Ever Really a “Sugar Conspiracy”? (2018)

Last Stands (2017)

Emails Reveal Pressures on NIH Gun Research (2017)

Science and Regulation: Uncapping Conflict of Interest? (2013)

Conflict of Interest: Stung by Controversy, Biomedical Groups Urge Consistent Guidelines (2007)

Medicine: Sharp Critique of Industry's Influence (2005)

Conflicts of Interest: NIH Scientists Raise Fuss About Scope of New Rules (2005)

Conflict-of-Interest Policy: NIH Rules Make Some Pack, Others Plead (2005)

Conflict of Interest: Scientists, Societies Blast NIH Ethics Rules (2005)

When Does Intellectual Passion Become Conflict of Interest? (1992)

Conflict of Interest (1990)


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Conduct of Science-Reproducibility

Combo of Two HIV Vaccines Fails its Big Test (2020)

Brazil Oil Spill Response: Time for Coordination (2020)

Retraction (2020)

Study Disputes Carbon Dioxide-Fish Behavior Link (2020)

Replicable Data for Digit Ratio Differences (2019)

Certify Reproducibility with Confidential Data (2019)

Medicine Contends with How to Use Artificial Intelligence (2019)

Psychology's Reproducibility Solution Fails First Test (2019)

Mapping Efforts Envision Vast Ocean Reserves (2019)

Social Science Studies Get a ‘Generous’ Test (2018)

Study Questions Animal Efficacy Study Behind Trials (2018)

Study Undercuts Claims of New Neurons in Adult Brains (2018)

Artificial Intelligence Faces Reproducibility Crisis (2018)

The Data Thugs (2018)

Sloppy Reporting on Animal Studies Proves Hard to Change (2017)

Fostering Reproducibility in Industry-Academia Research (2017)

Cash Incentives for Papers Go Global (2017)

Reproducibility: Many Psychology Papers Fail Replication Test (2015)

Solving Reproducibility (2015)

Statistics: What is the Questions? (2015)

Journals Unite For Reproducibility (2014)

A Swan in the Making (2014)

Reproducibility (2014)

Reproducible Research in Computational Science (2011)


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Responsibilities to Society-Bioterrorism & Security

Genealogy Databases and the Future of Criminal Investigations (2018)

Ancient Sites Ravaged in Yemen, Iraq (2018)

US Blames “Massive” Hack of Research Data on Iran (2018)

UK Attack Puts Nerve Agent in the Spotlight (2018)

Weapons In Waiting (2018)

Wider Attention For GOF Science (2015)

Biosecurity: U.S. Halts Two Dozen Risky Virus Studies (2014)

Hey, You've Got to Hide Your Work Away (2013)

Science and Law: Human Subjects Protection and Research on Terrorism and Conflict (2013)

Public Health and Biosecurity: The Limits of Government Regulation of Science (2012)

Bioterrorism: Panel Provides Peer Review of Intelligence Research (2007)

Scientific Openness: Should Academics Self-Censor Their Findings on Terrorism? (2006)

U.S. Homeland Security: Congress Dials Back Research on Understanding Terrorism (2006)

Ethics: A Weapon to Counter Bioterrorism (2005)

Select Agents: Researchers Relieved By Final Biosecurity Rules (2005)

Microbiology: Détente Declared on NIH Biodefense Funding (2005)

Biosecurity: New Panel to Offer Guidance on Dual-Use Science (2005)


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Responsibilities to Teaching and Mentoring

Mexico's Controversial Coronavirus Czar (2020)

Grade: Incomplete (2020)

India's COVID-19 Teacher (2020)

Troubles Escalate at Ecuador's Young Research University (2020)

U.S. Faculty Job Market Tanks (2020)

Funding Fix: Spend Time (2020)

Systemic Racism in Higher Education (2020)

Support Transgender Scientists Post–COVID-19 (2020)

Fed-Up Archaeologists Aim to Fix Field Schools' Party Culture (2020)

Pandemic Hits Scientist Parents Hard (2020)

University Reopening Plans Under Fire (2020)

Courses Bring Field Sites and Labs to the Small Screen (2020)

Restart Science Stronger After COVID-19 (2020)

News From a Postpandemic World (2020)

Online GRE Test Heightens Equity Concerns (2020)

Understanding Persistent Gender Gaps in STEM (2020)

Tenure and Promotion After the Pandemic (2020)

Diverse Students Display Inventions at HBCU Showcase (2020)

The Precarious Position of Postdocs During COVID-19 (2020)

Support Early-Career Field Researchers (2020)

NIH Progress Toward Inclusive Excellence (2020)

Imposter Syndrome Threatens Diversity (2020)

Cancel Cuts to Graduate Research Fellowships (2020)

Foods of the Future (2019)

Women Innovators Become STEM Ambassadors for Girls (2019)

NextGen Advises “Trying to Manage” (2019)

AAAS Programs Train New Generation of Science Journalists (2019)

Proposed Rule Deals Blow to Grad Student Unions (2019)

Interactive Early Education Builds STEM Literacy in Children (2019)

Vaunted Diversity Program Catches On (2019)

Pithy Burnout Prevention (2019)

Special Educational Needs and Fieldwork (2019)

Women of Color Face Double Dose of Bias (2019)

NextGen Voices: Science-Inspired Sustainable Behavior (2019)

Ph.D. Programs Drop Standardized Exam (2019)

SEA Change Honors Diversity Efforts by Universities (2019)

Replicating Meyerhoff for Inclusive Excellence in STEM (2019)

Unique Identities (2019)

Families Feast on Science for Supper (2019)

Empowering Young Innovators (2019)

Private Sector Nears Rank of Top Ph.D. Employer (2019)

#Grexit's Unintended Consequences (2019)

Challenging Transitions (2019)

A Hidden History (2018)

A One-Man Fossil Rescue Mission (2018)

AAAS Annual Meeting Examines Need for Diversity in Science (2018)

AAAS Extends Science in Theological Education Program (2018)

Africa Cultivates Innovation to Increase Global Reach (2018)

Anatomy of STEM Teaching in North American Universities (2018)

Beyond Hierarchical One-on-One Mentoring (2018)

China Takes New Steps to Lure Science Talent from Abroad (2018)

Disparities in Science Literacy (2018)

Education for the Future (2018)

Improving Support for Young Biomedical Students (2018)

Linguistics’ Role in the Right to Education (2018)

Mass Media Fellows Wrap Up Productive Summer (2018)

NextGen Voices: Quality Mentoring (2018)

Nurturing Connections to the Environment (2018)

Proposal to Rescue Postdocs from Limbo Draws Darts (2018)

Report Details Persistent Hostility to Women in Science (2018)

Rochester Roiled by Fallout from Sexual Harassment Case (2018)

Science Engagement in South Africa (2018)

Science Outreach in the Borneo Jungle (2018)

Science Transcends Cultures in Taiwan (2018)

Sharing Chemistry with Maori Students (2018)

Stricter Chinese Student Visas Raise Alarm (2018)

Student-Centered, Modernized Graduate STEM Education (2018)

The Role of Education Interventions in Improving Economic Rationality (2018)

Will US Academies Expel Sexual Harassers? (2018)

Science Education: Changing the Culture of Science Education at Research Universities (2011)

Professional Development: NIH Report Urges Greater Emphasis on Training for All Graduate Students (2011)

Evolution: Kansas Prepares New Standards (2005)

Politics: Antiterror Law Intrusive, U.K. Academic Groups Warn (2005)

Teacher Training: How to Produce better Math and Science Teachers (2000)


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Responsibilities to Society

Renewables in Spain Threaten Biodiversity (2020)

Evidence-based Hunting Policy Needed in Slovakia (2020)

Eroded Protections Threaten U.S. Forests (2020)

Adapting to the Challenges of Warming (2020)

Build International Biorepository Capacity (2020)

Indigenous Rights to Patagonia's Guafo Island (2020)

Species Protection Will Take More than Rule Reversal (2020)

Power to the People (2020)

U.S. Funds New Fleet of Probes to Explore Ocean Biogeochemistry (2020)

Set Ambitious Goals for Biodiversity and Sustainability (2020)

Wildfire Debate Needs Science, Not Politics (2020)

Animal Welfare Science Aids Conservation (2020)

Animal Welfare Science Aids Conservation—Response (2020)

Astronomy is—and has—a Climate Problem (2020)

China's Bold Climate Pledge Earns Praise—But is it Feasible? (2020)

Europe Builds ‘Digital Twin’ of Earth to Hone Climate Forecasts (2020)

Fighting to be Counted (2020)

India Needs an Effective Flood Policy (2020)

Global Efforts to Protect Biodiversity Fall Short (2020)

Accumulation of Plastic Waste During COVID-19 (2020)

Microplastic's Role in Antibiotic Resistance (2020)

Adapt Taxonomy to Conservation Goals (2020)

New Feedbacks Speed Up the Demise of Arctic Sea Ice (2020)

Protect Iran's Zagros Forests from Wildfires (2020)

Investors Can Help Rein in Amazon Deforestation (2020)

Siberia's ‘Gateway to the Underworld’ Hit by Heat Wave (2020)

Smoke Pollution's Impacts in Amazonia (2020)

The Amazon's Road to Deforestation (2020)

Conservation Needs a COVID-19 Bailout (2020)

Hidden Predictability in Winds Could Improve Climate Forecasts (2020)

A Community-led Approach to COVID-19 (2020)

Earth's Climate Destiny Finally Seen More Clearly (2020)

The Rotten Apples of Brazil's Agribusiness (2020)

Afforestation Falls Short as a Biodiversity Strategy (2020)

Misguided Forest Action in EU Biodiversity Strategy (2020)

A Biodiversity Target Based on Species Extinctions (2020)

Brazil Threatens Indigenous Lands (2020)

Dissolved Oxygen and pH Criteria Leave Fisheries at Risk (2020)

Protect Indigenous Peoples from COVID-19 (2020)

Disinfection Threatens Aquatic Ecosystems (2020)

Protecting Older Adults During Social Distancing (2020)

Granular Technologies to Accelerate Decarbonization (2020)

Permanently Ban Wildlife Consumption (2020)

Steps Needed to Keep Immigrant Scientists Welcome (2020)

Wildlife Consumption Ban is Insufficient (2020)

The Uncertain Future of the Antarctic Ice Sheet (2020)

Protect Australia's Gondwana Rainforests (2020)

Conservationists Deserve Protection (2020)

U.S. Action Lowers Barriers to Invasive Species (2020)

Agricultural Lands Key to Mitigation and Adaptation (2020)

Agricultural Lands Key to Mitigation and Adaptation—Response (2020)

New Front Emerges in Battle to Build Giant Telescope in Hawaii (2020)

Transparency on Trial (2020)

Improving Cancer Screening Programs (2020)

Making Science Accessible (2020)

AAAS Local Science Engagement Network Gets Under Way (2019)

Australia's Vulnerable Species Hit Hard by Fires (2019)

Indoor Chemical Pollution Impacts Often Remain Invisible (2019)

Artificial Intelligence for Global Health (2019)

EU Court: Science Must Justify Future Hunting (2019)

Time to Ban Lead Hunting Ammunition (2019)

Climate Concerns and the Disabled Community (2019)

Mystery Oil Spill Threatens Marine Sanctuary in Brazil (2019)

Trophy Hunting: A Moral Imperative for Bans (2019)

Trophy Hunting: Bans Create Opening for Change (2019)

Trophy Hunting: Broaden the Debate (2019)

Trophy Hunting: Insufficient Evidence (2019)

Trophy Hunting: Role of Consequentialism (2019)

Trophy Hunting: Values Inform Policy (2019)

Forest Restoration: Expanding Agriculture (2019)

Forest Restoration: Overlooked Constraints (2019)

Forest Restoration: Transformative Trees (2019)

Forest Restoration: Transformative Trees—Response (2019)

Science Organizations Speak Out in Defense of Uyghur Academics (2019)

Parched Peatlands Fuel Indonesia's Blazes (2019)

The Ocean is Key to Achieving Climate and Societal Goals (2019)

Warming Transforms the Oceans and Poles (2019)

Cleaning Up Plastic Pollution in Africa (2019)

Solve the Biodiversity Crisis with Funding (2019)

Florida Lagoon at Risk of Ecosystem Collapse (2019)

Geography of Loss (2019)

Paths Out of Darkness (2019)

Pathways to Prevention (2019)

Probing an Evolutionary Riddle (2019)

Reading an Anguished Brain (2019)

The Case for Strategic and Managed Climate Retreat (2019)

Warning Signs (2019)

Regulate GM Fungi to Protect Ecosystems (2019)

Regulate GM Fungi to Protect Ecosystems—Response (2019)

The Case for a Supply-Side Climate Treaty (2019)

Unhelpful Inflation of Threatened Species (2019)

Conservation: Beyond Population Growth (2019)

Conservation: Beyond Population Growth—Response (2019)

Restoring Forests as a Means to Many Ends (2019)

A Global Surveillance System for Crop Diseases (2019)

Canada's Uncharted Conservation Approach (2019)

Sharing the Land Between Nature and People (2019)

Rising Methane: A New Climate Challenge (2019)

Scientific Leaders Explore Pathways to Climate Solutions (2019)

Societies Take a Stand Against Harassment with New Initiative (2019)

The Crisis of Democracy and the Science of Deliberation (2019)

AAAS Kavli Winner Tackles Conservation in Era of Upheaval (2019)

Mason Awardees Display Benefits of Outsider Perspectives (2019)

Conferences Score Well on Child Care (2018)

AAAS and the Lemelson Foundation Promote Innovators (2018)

S&T Policy Fellowships Find a Home in the Judiciary (2018)

AAAS Adopts New Policy for Ejecting Harassers (2018)

Call for New AAAS Harassment Policy (2018)

Public Engagement Helps Scientists Tackle Global Challenges (2018)

Assessing Whether the 2017 Mw 5.4 Pohang Earthquake in South Korea was an Induced Event (2018)

Decision-Making in a Storm of Discontent (2018)

Scientists Aim to Smoke Out Wildfire Impacts (2018)

The November 2017 Mw 5.5 Pohang Earthquake: A Possible Case of Induced Seismicity in South Korea (2018)

United Kingdom Unveils Ambitious Air Pollution Plans (2018)

Global Health Shifts to Local Experts with Global Partners (2018)

Plan for US 2020 Census is Fatally Flawed, Critics Say (2018)

A Delicate Balance (2018)

Amazon Sugar Cane: A Threat to the Forest (2018)

Ocean Deoxygenation: Time for Action (2018)

India’s PhD Scholar Outreach Requirement (2018)

Sticker Shock (2018)

Master Planner (2018)

Societal Inequalities Amplify Gender Gaps in Math (2018)

The Science of Fake News (2018)

New AAAS President Emphasizes Science as a Public Service (2018)

China's AI Imperative (2018)

Integrated Approach to Malaria Control (2018)

Malaria in Venezuela Requires Response (2018)

Engaging Over Data on Fracking and Water Quality (2018)

Are Algorithms Good Judges? (2018)

The Pitfalls of Taking Science to the Public (2018)

Global Science for City Policy (2018)

U.S.-Cuba Scientific Collaboration Advances (2017)

Why Science? Why AAAS? (2015)

A Role for Science in Poverty Alleviation? Interview With Pallava Bagla and Richard Stone (2013)

Human Rights: A Human Right to Science (2013)

Science and Society: Rebuilding Public Trust in Science for policy-Making (2012)

The Values of Science (2011)

Ray Orbach Asks Science to Serve Society (2006)

Science Policy: Priorities needed for Nano-Risk Research and Development (2006)

Science and the Bush Administration (2005)

A Hippocratic Oath for Scientists (1999)

Conversations with the Community: AAAS at the Millennium (1997)

Science is Great, but Scientists are Still People (1992)

War and Science (1991)

Science, Slogans, and Civic Duty (1991)

Struggling to Do Science for Society (1990)

To See Ourselves as Others See Us (1990)


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Freedom to Conduct Research-Government & Politics

Five Years In, Paris Pact Still a Work in Progress (2020)

China's Vaccine Gambit (2020)

Fossil Electricity Retirement Deadlines for a Just Transition (2020)

A Divided Congress Could Narrow Biden's Ambitious Plans (2020)

To Tackle Pandemic, Biden Must Overcome Distrust and Division (2020)

Political Sectarianism in America (2020)

“Forest Mismanagement” Misleads (2020)

Census Needs Review, Panel Says (2020)

How CDC Foundered (2020)

Undermining CDC (2020)

Weathering the Storm (2020)

What if Biden Wins? (2020)

Swiss Law Would Weaken Wildlife Protection (2020)

Census Experts Fear Rush to Finish Tally Will Yield Flawed Data (2020)

Critics Slam NIH for Demands on Bat Grant Targeted by Trump (2020)

In Plasma OK, Critics See Politics, Not Science (2020)

Abortion Opponents Dominate Trump's Fetal Tissue Review Board (2020)

Trump Directive on State Counts Said to Threaten Rigor of Census (2020)

China and India: Toward a Sustainable World (2020)

Uphold the Nuclear Weapons Test Moratorium (2020)

How to Build a More Open Justice System? (2020)

New Security Law Rattles Hong Kong Universities (2020)

The Line Starts to Form for a Coronavirus Vaccine (2020)

Filling Gaps in Science Exposes Gaps in Chemical Regulation (2020)

U.S. ‘Warp Speed’ Vaccine Effort Comes Out of the Shadows (2020)

Critics Say EPA's ‘Transparency’ Rules Would Favor Industry (2020)

United States Aims to Curb Vaccination Injury Payouts (2020)

United States Strains to Act as Cases Set Record (2020)

EPA Expands Controversial ‘Transparency’ Plan (2020)

The U.S. Military is Not Sustainable (2020)

Scientists in Indonesia Fear Political Interference (2020)

After Brexit, a Long Road to Mend Ties with Europe (2020)

Campus Attack and Police Violence Alarm Indian Academics (2020)

In Russia, Hypersonic Rivalry Feeds Suspicions and Arrests (2020)

Congress Again Rejects Trump Cuts, Smiles on Science Agencies (2020)

U.S. Takes Aim at Foreign Influence (2019)

U.K. Parties Stake Out Science Stances in ‘Brexit Election’ (2019)

‘Secret Science’ Plan is Back, and Critics Say it's Worse (2019)

Radiation is Not a Political Tool (2019)

Amazon Fires Threaten Brazil's Agribusiness (2019)

Scientists Clash Over Paper on Syrian Sarin Attack (2019)

Accelerating the Movement for Mountain Peoples and Policies (2019)

Protecting Elections from Social Media Manipulation (2019)

U.S. Universities Confront a Security Storm in Congress (2019)

Brazilian President Attacks Deforestation Data (2019)

Brexit Backer Boris Johnson Stokes Fears for U.K. Scientists (2019)

Census Citizenship Question is Dropped, but Challenges Linger (2019)

States Lack Endangered Species Reporting (2019)

CRISPR Patent Fight Revived (2019)

FDA Enforcement Actions Plummet Under Trump (2019)

Trade War Threatens Sustainability (2019)

Unwelcome Advice? (2019)

Hong Kong Scientists Protest, but Also Forge Mainland Ties (2019)

Draft Bill Reignites U.S. Debate Over Patenting Human Genes (2019)

Trump Clamps Down on Fetal Tissue Research (2019)

Bipartisan Bill Proposes Forum on U.S. Academic Espionage (2019)

NIH Says Openness Bill Threatens Reviewers (2019)

Improving Political Deliberation (2019)

Improving Political Deliberation—Response (2019)

When Science and Politics Collide: Enhancing the FDA (2019)

Building Upon Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy (2019)

Supporters Scramble to Rescue Storied Jason Advisory Group (2019)

Address the Roots of Environmental Crime (2019)

Brazilian Scientists Lament ‘Freeze’ on Research Budget (2019)

Rohingya Refugees and the Environment (2019)

University Fights Restrictive Law on Fetal Tissue Research (2019)

Elite Advisers to Help NSF Navigate Security Concerns (2019)

White House Details Proposed Cuts to Science Agencies (2019)

Brazil's Policies Stuck in the Mud (2019)

Vaccination Opponents Target CDC Panel (2019)

Brexit's Looming Effects Vex U.K. Researchers (2019)

Madagascar: Crime Threatens Biodiversity (2019)

U.S. Science Adviser Sees Smaller Federal Role (2019)

Argentina's Subpar Investment in Science (2019)

DOE to Limit Foreign Research Collaborations (2019)

Government Data, Commercial Cloud: Will Public Access Suffer? (2019)

Shutdown Ends, but Not Worry (2019)

Bolsonaro's First Moves Have Brazilian Scientists Worried (2019)

Pain Spreads from Shutdown (2019)

Shutdown Starts to Take a Bite Out of Science (2019)

Universities 'Held Hostage' in Nicaragua's Political Crisis (2018)

Trump Officials Move to Limit Human Fetal Tissue Research (2018)

Uncertainty Boosts Brexit Jitters for U.K. Scientists (2018)

Legislation Restricts Research in Uruguay (2018)

Youth Climate Trial Showcases Science (2018)

When the Cure Kills-CBD Research Limits Biodiversity (2018)

The Loyal Opposition (2018)

U.S. Budget Targets Fish and Wildlife Work (2018)

Brazil’s Government Attacks Biodiversity (2018)

China’s Ambitious Brain Science Project Inches Forward (2018)

Rival Giant Telescopes Join to Seek US Funding (2018)

Drilling Threatens Ancient Chaco Landscape (2018)

US Lawmakers Float Plan to Regulate Cultured Meat (2018)

Animal Tests Surge Under New US Chemical Law (2018)

Hungarian Science Troubled by Nationalism (2018)

NASA Cancels Carbon Monitoring Research Program (2018)

Clever Use of Public Date Could Sidestep New Rule (2018)

Critics See Hidden Goal in EPA Access Rule (2018)

Europe Moves to Compete in AI Arms Race (2018)

Korean Thaw Raises Hopes for Scientific Cooperation (2018)

Peace Dividend (2018)

Edge of Extinction (2018)

Nigeria’s New GDP Means Scientists Suffer (2018)

Crackdown Threatens Science in Turkey (2018)

U.S. Policy on Cuba Obstructs Crucial Medical Breakthroughs (2018)

Germany Steps Up to the Plate in Global Health (2018)

Congress Offers Defense Scientists a Bigger Payday (2017)

Restless Minds: Analysis of a Vast Set of Public CVs Reveals the World's Most Migratory Scientists (2017)

Turkey Shakes Up Universities as Coup Fallout Continues (2016)

Synchrotron Aims to Bridge Divides in the Middle East (2016)

After Failed Coup, Turkey's Academics Feel Regime's Wrath (2016)

Research Funding: House Science Chief Unveils Contentious Vision for Science (2015)

Science and Regulation: Congress's Attacks on Science-Based Rules (2015)

Science and Regulation: End the Deadlock on Governance of Geoengineering Research (2013)

Science and Law: When Scientific Research and Legal Practice Collide (2012)

In Support of Academic Freedom (2007)

Stem Cell Research: Scientists Object to Massachusetts Rules (2006)

Proposition 71: Proposed Legislation Threatens to Slow California Stem Cell Rush (2005)

The Advancement of Science (1992)


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Freedom to Conduct Research-Funding

Europe Ramps Up Defense R&D (2020)

Scientists Fear No-Deal Brexit as Deadline Looms (2020)

Support U.S. Research During COVID-19 (2020)

In New Strategy, Wellcome Trust Takes on Global Health Concerns (2020)

COVID-19 Recovery Funds Dwarf Clean Energy Investment Needs (2020)

Bill Threatens Key Brazilian Universities (2020)

Cannabis Research Data Reveals a Focus on Harms of the Drug (2020)

Increases in U.S. Federal R&D Needed in a Global Crisis (2020)

For Science in Latin America, ‘A Fascinating Challenge’ (2020)

Charities that Fund Research Face Deep Revenue Declines (2020)

U.S. Academic Research Funding Stays Healthy Despite Pandemic (2020)

Bill Would Supersize NSF's Budget—And Role (2020)

Europe Bets R&D Spending Will Bring Jobs to Battered Economy (2020)

Preserve Global South's Research Capacity (2020)

Top EU Scientist Ousted Over Plans for Coronavirus Research (2020)

After Brexit, U.K. Budget Offers Boost to Science (2020)

Pentagon's Social Science Research Faces Threat (2020)

Trump's new budget cuts all but a favored few science programs

Italy Set to Create €300 Million Research Funding Agency (2019)

Top Democrat Wants Big AI Push (2019)

Texas Cancer Agency Seeks New Vote of Approval (2019)

Topic Choice Works Against Black NIH Applicants (2019)

Europe Seeks Broader Support and Impact for Science Projects (2019)

A New Scientific Agenda for Mexico (2019)

Chinese Ties Don't Faze European Funders (2019)

Financial Crisis Looms at Brazilian Science Agency (2019)

Grad Students Struggle with Rising Fees (2019)

University of Alaska Braces for Draconian Budget Cuts (2019)

California's Stem Cell Research Fund Dries Up (2019)

Government-Funded Research Increasingly Fuels Innovation (2019)

European Commission Kills Billion-Euro Flagship Concept (2019)

German Researchers Promised a Decade of Budget Increases (2019)

Austerity Cuts Threaten Future of Science in Argentina (2019)

TED Offers Funding Path, Not Just Stage, for ‘Audacious’ Ideas (2019)

Plan S: A Threat to Quality of Science? (2019)

Plan S: Motivations of For-Profit Publishers (2019)

Plan S: Overlooked Hybrid Journal Model (2019)

Plan S: Unrealistic Capped Fee Structure (2019)

Brazil's Endangered Postgraduate System (2019)

The World Debates Open-Access Mandates (2019)

European Funders Seek to End Reign of Paywalled Journals (2018)

Amid Fears of Idea Theft, NIH Targets Foreign Funding Links (2018)

Federal Research Funding Aims to Ease Societal Challenges (2018)

The Alzheimer's Gamble (2018)

March of Dimes Curtails Support for Researchers (2018)

Citizen Science, Public Policy (2018)

Quantum Physics Could Get a Big Boost from US Congress (2018)

Europe’s Science Spending Set for Another Big Boost (2018)

Rocky Start for China’s James Watson Center (2018)

Congress Gives Science a Record Funding Boost (2018)

A Research Behemoth is Born in Britain (2018)

Accounting Rules Hobble Spanish Institutes (2018)

Germany’s New Government Makes Big Promises (2018)

Arecibo Telescope Saved by University Consortium (2018)

Fund the Biological Survey Unit (2018)

Science Gets Modest Reprieve in Trump Budget (2018)

Trump Team Raises Price Tag for 2020 Census (2017)

Pay Up or Retract? Drug Survey Spurs Conflict (2017)

Australia to Ax Support for Long-term Ecology Sites (2017)

In Colombia, Peace Dividend for Science Proves Elusive (2017)

Travel Ban Would Slam University in North Korea (2017)

Turmoil Imperils Research University in Andes (2017)

California Approves Publicly Funded Gun Research Center (2016)

Chasing the Money (2014)

Funding Innovative Science (2013)

Research Funding: UC Balks at Campus-Wide Ban on Tobacco Money for Research (2007)

New Priorities for Climate Change Research (2007)

U.S. Science Policy: Senate Panel Chair Asks Why NSF Funds Social Science (2006)

U.S. Science Policy: Senate Panel Backs Social Science at NSF (2006)

NIH in the Post-Doubling Era: Realities and Strategies (2006)

U.K. Universities: "Darwinian" Funding and the Demise of Physics and Chemistry (2005)

Canada: Grants Councils Say More Isn't Nearly Enough to Keep Science Healthy (2005)

Sensitive Technology: Schools Fear Impact of Proposed License Changes (2005)

Research Management: Scientists Say Genome Canada's Cofunding Rules Stymie Good Ideas (2005)


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Access to Data, Information, and Research Materials

What's Next for COVID-19 Apps? Governance and Oversight (2020)

Nature Journals Ink Open-Access Deal (2020)

How to Fix the GDPR's Frustration of Global Biomedical Research (2020)

Bridging Digital Health Divides (2020)

Computational Social Science: Obstacles and Opportunities (2020)

Knowledge Transfer for Large-Scale Vaccine Manufacturing (2020)

Data Secrecy May Cripple U.S. Attempts to Slow Pandemic (2020)

Can Phone Apps Slow the Spread of the Coronavirus? (2020)

New Tools Aim to Tame Pandemic Paper Tsunami (2020)

Policy Opportunities to Enhance Sharing for Pandemic Research (2020)

In Pursuit of Open Science, Open Access is Not Enough (2020)

Research Opportunities in Pandemic Lockdown (2020)

Aggregated Mobility Data Could Help Fight COVID-19 (2020)

Time for NIH to Lead on Data Sharing (2020)

Rethink the Expansion of Access and Benefit Sharing (2020)

Preprints Bring ‘Firehose’ of Outbreak Data (2020)

When Health Tech Companies Change Their Terms of Service (2020)

Waiting For Data: Barriers to Executing Data Use Agreements (2020)

Joint Statement on EPA Proposed Rule and Public Availability of Data (2019)

Researchers Sound Alarm on European Data Law (2019)

New Deals Could Help Scientific Societies Survive Open Access (2019)

Open-Access Mega Journals Lose Momentum (2019)

Open Access Takes Root at National Cancer Institute (2019)

Facing Plan S, Publishers May Set Papers Free (2019)

Fund U.S. Veteran Toxic Exposure Database (2019)

University Of California Takes a Stand on Open Access (2019)

Earth Scientists Plan a ‘Geological Google’ (2019)

Toward Unrestricted Use of Public Genomic Data (2019)

No Conflict of Interest in Data Monitoring (2018)

European Funders Detail Their Open-Access Plan (2018)

China Fosters Competition in its Race to Exascale Computing (2018)

China Narrows U.S. Lead in R&D Spending (2018)

A New Portal for Patient Data (2018)

Digital Chemical Test Impresses (2018)

Technology Feature | Translating Big Data: The Proteomics Challenge (2018)

Joint Statement on EPA’s Rule and Public Availability of Data (2018)

Scrutinizing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2018)

Open Data Sharing and the Global South—Who Benefits? (2018)

Scientifically Assess Impacts of Sustainable Investments (2018)

Medical Research: U.S. to Expand Public Access to Clinical Study Results (2014)

U.S. Agencies Directed to Make Research Papers Available (2013)

Clinical Trials: Europe Debates Ethics Reviews, Data Release (2013)

Science Priorities: Who Will Pay for Public Access to Research Data (2013)

Pont-Counterpoint: Ethics and Genomic Incidental Findings (2013)

The Internet and Academic Freedom (2012)

Information Science: Standards and Infrastructure for Innovation Data Exchange (2012)

Dealing with Data: Challenges and Opportunities (2011)

Access to Stem Cells and Data: Persons, Property Rights, and Scientific Progress (2011)

Open Access Gains Support; Fees and Journal Quality Deter Submissions (2011)

Stem Cells: Prominent Researchers Join the Attack on Stem Cell Patents (2007)

Epidemiology: Privacy policies Take a Toll on Research, Survey Finds (2007)

Intellectual Property: What Good is a Patent? Supreme Court May Suggest an Answer (2006)

Genetics: No Longer De-Identified (2006)

Intellectual Property: Decision on NF-κB Patent Could Have Broad Implications for Biotech (2006)

Scholary Communication: Flordia Law Bans Academics from Doing Research in Cuba (2006)

Facing Critism, Industry Offers to Share Data (2005)

NIH Wants Public Access to papers "as Sooon as Possible" (2005)

The UPSIDE of Good Behavior: Make Your Data Freely Available (2003)

Not Wicked, Perhaps, but Tacky (2002)

Share and Share Alike Isn't Always the Rule in Science (1995)


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Freedom of Expression and Communications

Fighting Words (2020)

Efforts Large and Small Speed Science Reform (2018)

Journal Editors Should Not Divide Scientists (2018)

Social Media for Social Change in Science (2018)

Instagram Won’t Solve Inequality (2018)

Integrity-Not Just a Federal Issue (2015)

Peer review: Australia's Proposed U.K.-Style Merit Ranking Stirs Debate (2006)

Corncern About Gag Rules (2006)

U.S. Immigration Policy: New Rules Ease Scientific Exchanges (2005)

Science and Commerce: Long-Suppressed Study Finally Sees Lights of Day (1997)


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Making Science Accessible to All

Technology Feature | Telemedicine Takes Center Stage in the Era of COVID-19 (2020)

Call for Transparency of COVID-19 Models (2020)

Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa (2020)

SciLine Expands Scientific Resources Offered to U.S. Journalists (2019)

Opening the Lab Door (2018)

Random Number Generators Go Public (2018)

Boycott Highlights AI’s Publishing Rebellion (2018)

In its Second Year March for Science Grows Up (2018)

Social Science: Scientific Diversity Interventions (2014)


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Peer Review and Merit

Edit Reviews Without Permission? Some Journal Editors Say it's OK

Rude Reviews are Pervasive and Sometimes Harmful, Study Finds (2019)

NIH Reveals its Formula for Tracking Foreign Influences (2019)

No Bias in NIH Reviews? (2018)

Comment On “Plant Diversity Increases the Strength of Negative Density Dependence at the Global Scale” (2018)

Comment On “Plant Diversity Increases the Strength of Negative Density Dependence at the Global Scale” (2018)

Response to Comment On “Plant Diversity Increases the Strength of Negative Density Dependence at the Global Scale” (2018)

Response to Comment On “Plant Diversity Increases the Strength of Negative Density Dependence at the Global Scale” (2018)

Response-The Sugar Industry’s Influence on Policy (2018)

The Sugar Industry’s Influence on Policy (2018)

NIH Looks to Punish Reviewers Who Violate Confidentiality (2018)

Post-Publication Peer Review: A Crucial Tool (2018)

Judge Orders Unmasking of Anonymous Peer Reviewers (2018)

NIH's Peer Review Stands Up to Scrutiny (2015)

The Measure of Research Merit (2014)

A Perverted View of "Impact" (2013)

Science Policy: Changing Incentives to Publish (2011)

Research Policy: NIH Weighs Big Changes in Peer Review (2007)

Science Policy: NSF Begins a Push to Measure Societal Impacts of Research (2006)

Debating the Worth of NCCAM Research (2006)


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AAAS 2020 Annual Meeting Program (2019)

Grieving Environmental Scientists Need Support (2019)

Facilitating Voluntary Ocean Commitments (2019)

Facilitating Voluntary Ocean Commitments—Response (2019)

Autonomous Vehicles: No Driver…No Regulation? (2018)

Pacific Coast Innovation Relies on Diverse Cast of Scientists (2018)

Risk-Based Reboot for Global Lab Biosafety (2018)

Science Lessons for the Next President (2016)

Spy Agencies Team Up with National Academies (2016)

Behind the Numbers: Rethinking the Time "Lost" to Red Tape (2015)

Japan: Spance Vision Backs Peer-Reviewd Science (2005)

European Policy: Panel Gives Thumbs-Down to European Institute of Technology (2005)


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