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Articles from Science

Over several decades, Science has published articles and editorials related to scientific freedom and responsibility. Those articles and editorials are compiled here for ease of reference. This compilation builds upon an earlier list that drew from Science issues published between 1949 and 1986. As articles regarding scientific freedom and responsibility appear in Science, they will be made available here.

The articles are organized by theme and are in reverse-chronological order.
Articles are available for free download as PDFs.

Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Conduct of Science-Science Integrity
  3. Conduct of Science-Bioethics
  4. Conduct of Science-Responsibilities to Research
  5. Conduct of Science-Conflict of Interest
  6. Conduct of Science-Reproducibility
  7. Responsibilities to Science-Bioterrorism & Security
  8. Responsibilities to Teaching and Mentoring
  9. Responsibilities to Society
  10. Freedom to Conduct Research (Government & Politics)
  11. Freedom to Conduct Research (Funding)
  12. Access to Data, Information, and Research Materials
  13. Freedom of Expression and Communications
  14. Make Science Accessible to All
  15. Peer Review & Merit
  16. Other


The Carbon Harvest (2018)

Białowieża Forest: Logging Data Lacking (2018)

Białowieża Forest: Political Stands (2018)

Dams Nudge Amazon’s Ecosystems Off-kilter (2018)

Vaccine Mandates in France Will Save Lives (2018)

Tensions Flare Over Electric Fishing in European Waters (2018)

Mind the Seafloor (2018)

AAAS Champions Women in Science at International Events (2017)

AAAS Adopts Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Statement (2017)

AAAS Establishes Award for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (1980)

Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (1975)


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Conduct of Science-Science Integrity

Blockade Harms Qatari Science (2017)

Swedish Plastics Study Fabricated, Panel Finds (2017)

Nations Put Science Before Fishing in the Arctic (2017)

Political Chill Reverses Thaw in U.S.-Cuban Science (2017)

Boston University Geologist Fights for His Job (2017)

Racing for Academic Glory and Patents: Lessons from CRISPR (2017)

Polarizing Head of House Science Panel to Retire (2017)

U.S. Blocks Iran from Fusion Megaproject (2017)

Backlash After Shutdown of Swiss Astronomy Institute (2017)

Breaking Bad Algorithms (2017)

Storms Await Weather Executive at Climate Agency (2017)

A Cold Case (2017)

Publishers Take Academic Networking Site to Court (2017)

‘Science Wars’ Veteran Has a New Mission (2017)

Reproductive Health in Culture Wars Crossfire (2017)

Archaeology in a Divided Land (2017)

Catalan Scientists Ponder Fate After Independence Vote (2017)

How Biologists Pioneered Preprints—with Paper and Postage (2017)

The Preprint Dilemma (2017)

Without Inclusion, Diversity Initiatives May Not be Enough (2017)

Reports Raise Concerns About France’s Nuclear Waste Tomb (2017)

Documents Detail Gender-related Tensions at Salk (2017)

Gender Discrimination Lawsuit at Salk Ignites Controversy (2017)

Battling Bias: How Can We Blunt Prejudice Against Immigrants? (2017)

Society Labels Harassment as Research Misconduct (2017)

In Iran, a Shady Market for Papers Flourishes (2016)

Former Star Surgeon's Disgrace Rocks Swedish Science (2016)

Scientific Integrity: Survey Fraud Test Sparks Battle (2016)

Scientific Community: Targets of Misconduct Prob Launch a Legal Counterattack (2015)

Scientific Integrity: Self-Correction in Science at Work (2015)

Scientific Integrity: Fresh Misconduct Charges Hit Dutch Social Psychology (2014)

Raising the Bar (2014)

Scientific Misconduct: Sabotaged Scientists Sues Yale and Her Lab Chief (2014)

Shaking Up Science (2013)

Coercive Citation in Academic Publishing (2012)

Responsible Research Conduct (2012)

Ending Honorary Authorship (2012)

New Misconduct Rules Aim to Minister to an Ailing System (2007)

Crime Scene Investigation: How to Handle Misconduct (2006)

Science and Law: Integrity in International Stem Cell Research Collaborations (2006)

Archaeology: Oxford Center Raises Controversy (2005)

Scientific Misconduct: Researcher Faces Prison for Fraud in NIH Grant Applications and Papers (2005)

Ethics of Tobacco Company Funding (2005)

Stem Cells: Collaborators Split Over Ethics Allegations (2005)

Scientific Conduct: Changes Don't Stick to The Skeptical Environmentalist (2004)

Validity and Ethics in Science (2003)

Commission Proposes New Definition of Misconduct (1995)

Scientists and the Integrity of Research (1994)

In the Trenches, Doubt About Scientific Integrity (1992)

Scientific Integrity (1990)

Science, Journalism, and Whistle-Blowing (1988)

Response to Accuracy and Truth (1987)

Accuracy and Truth (1987)

Fraud in Science (1987)


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Conduct of Science-Bioethics

Principles for Gene Drive Research (2017)

PETA Targets Early-Career Wildlife Researcher (2017)

Deriving Genomic Diagnoses without Revealing Patient Genomes (2017)

What Do Revised U.S. Rules Mean for Human Research? (2017)

Call to Halt Heart Trial Raises Vexing Questions (2017)

U.S. Attitudes on Human Genome Editing (2017)

The Stem Cell Skeptic (2017)

Embryo Editing Takes Another Step to Clinic (2017)

Antiaging Trial Using Young Blood Stirs Concerns (2016)

Panel Slams Plan for Human Research Rules (2016)

Bioethics: Embryo Engineering Alarm (2015)

A Prudent Path Forward for Genomic Engineering and Germline Gene Modification (2015)

Bioethics: Embryo Engineering Study Splits Scientific Community (2015)

Ethics: The ISSCR Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (2007)

On Neuroethics (2007)

Stem Cell Research: International Standards Proposed for Stem Cell Work (2006)

HIV Testing and Individual Rights (2006)

Gene Therapy: Panel Urges Limits on X-SCID Trials (2005)

Bioethics: U.N. Settles on Nonbinding Resolution (2005)

U.K. Bioethics: Divided Committee Urges Less Restrictions on Embryo Research (2005)

The Ethics of Public Health Surveillance (2004)

Ethics: Human Health Research Ethics (2004)

Research Ethics: Query by Congress Halts New Policy (2001)

Bioethics and Local Circumstances (1998)

Essay on Science and Society: Science and Morality (1998)

Essay on Science and Society: Why Must Scientists Become More Ethically Sensitive Than They used to Be? (1998)

AIDS: Ethics of AZT Studies in Poorer Countries Attacked (1997)

Responsibility of Co-Authors (1997)

Ethics: Sending Out the Message (1997)

Science Policy: Clinton Calls for "Human Values" in Science (1997)


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Conduct of Science-Responsibilities to Research

Safety Concerns Derail Dengue Vaccination Program (2017)

Why Fossil Scientists are Suing Trump Over Monuments Move (2017)

Sudan Seeks a Science Revival (2017)

Cuban Panel Claims Stress Caused Mystery Illnesses (2017)

Saving Lives by Regulating Guns: Evidence for Policy (2017)

Science Groups Urge Changes as Congress Nears Final Tax Bill (2017)

Automatic Error Spotter Gains in Popularity (2017)

Relativity Survives Drop Test (2017)

Battle Over Drilling in Arctic Refuge Reignites (2017)

Valuing Water for Sustainable Development (2017)

Ancient Australian Goes Home (2017)

Brain Implant Trials Spur Ethical Discussions (2017)

The Arctic Science Agreement Propels Science Diplomacy (2017)

Revamp Animal Research Rules, Report Urges (2017)

Roads to Riches or Ruin? (2017)

Ethics of Maternal Vaccination (2017)

Medicine's Future? (2017)

Original Sin (2017)

Analysis of China’s One-child Policy Sparks Uproar (2017)

Drug-resistant Malaria Advances in Mekong (2017)

Deciphering Dueling Analyses of Clean Water Regulations (2017)

Critics Pan Wolf Plan (2017)

Toward Pesticidovigilance (2017)

NIH Quietly Shelves Gun Research Program (2017)

Bot-hunters Eye Mischief in German Election (2017)

Science in Litigation, the Third Branch of U.S. Climate Policy (2017)

Panel Urges Steps to Boost Evidence-based Policy (2017)

Influence, Integrity, and the FDA: An Ethical Framework (2017)

Science Suffers as China Plugs Holes in Great Firewall (2017)

Children with Cancer Get More Access to Experimental Drugs (2017)

Revolutionary Malaria Tests Have Unexpected Downsides (2017)

Policy Forum: Data, Privacy, and the Greater Good (2015)

Privacy and Human Behavior in the Age of Information (2015)

Control Use of data to Protect Privacy (2015)

Trust Me, I'm a Medical Researcher (2015)

The End of Privacy: Introduction (2015)

Privacy: Credit Card Study Blows Holes in Anonymity (2015)

Infectious Diseases: Ebola Vaccine Trials Raise Ethical Issues (2014)

Unknown Significance (2014)

Medicine: Suspect Drug Research Blamed for Massive Death Toll (2014)

A Lonely Crusade (2014)

Ethics: The Bioethics Commission on Incidental Findings (2013)

Research Ethics: To Protect Human Subjects, Review What Was Done, Not Proposed (2012)

Research Ethics: Aligning Regulations and Ethics in Human Research (2012)

The War in Afghanistan: War as a Labortory for Trauma Research (2011)

Research Ethics: Research Practice and Participant Preferences (2011)

Human Genome 10th Anniversary: What Whould You Do? (2011)

AIDS Research: Trials of NIH's AIDS Vaccine Get a Yellow Light (2007)

Ethics: The Ethics of International Research with Abandoned Children (2007)

Biomedical Research: Study of HIV Transmission Sparks Ethics Debate (2000)

Controversy of the Year: Biomedical Ethics on the Front Burner (2000)

Privacy in Genetics Research (1999)


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Conduct of Science-Conflict of Interest

Last Stands (2017)

Emails Reveal Pressures on NIH Gun Research (2017)

Science and Regulation: Uncapping Conflict of Interest? (2013)

Conflict of Interest: Stung by Controversy, Biomedical Groups Urge Consistent Guidelines (2007)

Medicine: Sharp Critique of Industry's Influence (2005)

Conflicts of Interest: NIH Scientists Raise Fuss About Scope of New Rules (2005)

Conflict-of-Interest Policy: NIH Rules Make Some Pack, Others Plead (2005)

Conflict of Interest: Scientists, Societies Blast NIH Ethics Rules (2005)

When Does Intellectual Passion Become Conflict of Interest? (1992)

Conflict of Interest (1990)


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Conduct of Science-Reproducibility

Sloppy Reporting on Animal Studies Proves Hard to Change (2017)

Fostering Reproducibility in Industry-Academia Research (2017)

Cash Incentives for Papers Go Global (2017)

Reproducibility: Many Psychology Papers Fail Replication Test (2015)

Solving Reproducibility (2015)

Statistics: What is the Questions? (2015)

Journals Unite For Reproducibility (2014)

A Swan in the Making (2014)

Reproducibility (2014)

Reproducible Research in Computational Science (2011)


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Responsibilities to Society-Bioterrorism & Security

Wider Attention For GOF Science (2015)

Biosecurity: U.S. Halts Two Dozen Risky Virus Studies (2014)

Hey, You've Got to Hide Your Work Away (2013)

Science and Law: Human Subjects Protection and Research on Terrorism and Conflict (2013)

Public Health and Biosecurity: The Limits of Government Regulation of Science (2012)

Bioterrorism: Panel Provides Peer Review of Intelligence Research (2007)

Scientific Openness: Should Academics Self-Censor Their Findings on Terrorism? (2006)

U.S. Homeland Security: Congress Dials Back Research on Understanding Terrorism (2006)

Ethics: A Weapon to Counter Bioterrorism (2005)

Select Agents: Researchers Relieved By Final Biosecurity Rules (2005)

Microbiology: Détente Declared on NIH Biodefense Funding (2005)

Biosecurity: New Panel to Offer Guidance on Dual-Use Science (2005)


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Responsibilities to Teaching and Mentoring

Science Education: Changing the Culture of Science Education at Research Universities (2011)

Professional Development: NIH Report Urges Greater Emphasis on Training for All Graduate Students (2011)

Evolution: Kansas Prepares New Standards (2005)

Politics: Antiterror Law Intrusive, U.K. Academic Groups Warn (2005)

Teacher Training: How to Produce better Math and Science Teachers (2000)


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Responsibilities to Society

U.S.-Cuba Scientific Collaboration Advances (2017)

Why Science? Why AAAS? (2015)

A Role for Science in Poverty Alleviation? Interview With Pallava Bagla and Richard Stone (2013)

Human Rights: A Human Right to Science (2013)

Science and Society: Rebuilding Public Trust in Science for policy-Making (2012)

The Values of Science (2011)

Ray Orbach Asks Science to Serve Society (2006)

Science Policy: Priorities needed for Nano-Risk Research and Development (2006)

Science and the Bush Administration (2005)

A Hippocratic Oath for Scientists (1999)

Conversations with the Community: AAAS at the Millennium (1997)

Science is Great, but Scientists are Still People (1992)

War and Science (1991)

Science, Slogans, and Civic Duty (1991)

Struggling to Do Science for Society (1990)

To See Ourselves as Others See Us (1990)


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Freedom to Conduct Research-Government & Politics

Congress Offers Defense Scientists a Bigger Payday (2017)

Restless Minds: Analysis of a Vast Set of Public CVs Reveals the World's Most Migratory Scientists (2017)

Turkey Shakes Up Universities as Coup Fallout Continues (2016)

Synchrotron Aims to Bridge Divides in the Middle East (2016)

After Failed Coup, Turkey's Academics Feel Regime's Wrath (2016)

Research Funding: House Science Chief Unveils Contentious Vision for Science (2015)

Science and Regulation: Congress's Attacks on Science-Based Rules (2015)

Science and Regulation: End the Deadlock on Governance of Geoengineering Research (2013)

Science and Law: When Scientific Research and Legal Practice Collide (2012)

In Support of Academic Freedom (2007)

Stem Cell Research: Scientists Object to Massachusetts Rules (2006)

Proposition 71: Proposed Legislation Threatens to Slow California Stem Cell Rush (2005)

The Advancement of Science (1992)


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Freedom to Conduct Research-Funding

Trump Team Raises Price Tag for 2020 Census (2017)

Pay Up or Retract? Drug Survey Spurs Conflict (2017)

Australia to Ax Support for Long-term Ecology Sites (2017)

In Colombia, Peace Dividend for Science Proves Elusive (2017)

Travel Ban Would Slam University in North Korea (2017)

Turmoil Imperils Research University in Andes (2017)

California Approves Publicly Funded Gun Research Center (2016)

Chasing the Money (2014)

Funding Innovative Science (2013)

Research Funding: UC Balks at Campus-Wide Ban on Tobacco Money for Research (2007)

New Priorities for Climate Change Research (2007)

U.S. Science Policy: Senate Panel Chair Asks Why NSF Funds Social Science (2006)

U.S. Science Policy: Senate Panel Backs Social Science at NSF (2006)

NIH in the Post-Doubling Era: Realities and Strategies (2006)

U.K. Universities: "Darwinian" Funding and the Demise of Physics and Chemistry (2005)

Canada: Grants Councils Say More Isn't Nearly Enough to Keep Science Healthy (2005)

Sensitive Technology: Schools Fear Impact of Proposed License Changes (2005)

Research Management: Scientists Say Genome Canada's Cofunding Rules Stymie Good Ideas (2005)


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Access to Data, Information, and Research Materials

Medical Research: U.S. to Expand Public Access to Clinical Study Results (2014)

U.S. Agencies Directed to Make Research Papers Available (2013)

Clinical Trials: Europe Debates Ethics Reviews, Data Release (2013)

Science Priorities: Who Will Pay for Public Access to Research Data (2013)

Pont-Counterpoint: Ethics and Genomic Incidental Findings (2013)

The Internet and Academic Freedom (2012)

Information Science: Standards and Infrastructure for Innovation Data Exchange (2012)

Dealing with Data: Challenges and Opportunities (2011)

Access to Stem Cells and Data: Persons, Property Rights, and Scientific Progress (2011)

Open Access Gains Support; Fees and Journal Quality Deter Submissions (2011)

Stem Cells: Prominent Researchers Join the Attack on Stem Cell Patents (2007)

Epidemiology: Privacy policies Take a Toll on Research, Survey Finds (2007)

Intellectual Property: What Good is a Patent? Supreme Court May Suggest an Answer (2006)

Genetics: No Longer De-Identified (2006)

Intellectual Property: Decision on NF-κB Patent Could Have Broad Implications for Biotech (2006)

Scholary Communication: Flordia Law Bans Academics from Doing Research in Cuba (2006)

Facing Critism, Industry Offers to Share Data (2005)

NIH Wants Public Access to papers "as Sooon as Possible" (2005)

The UPSIDE of Good Behavior: Make Your Data Freely Available (2003)

Not Wicked, Perhaps, but Tacky (2002)

Share and Share Alike Isn't Always the Rule in Science (1995)


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Freedom of Expression and Communications

Integrity-Not Just a Federal Issue (2015)

Peer review: Australia's Proposed U.K.-Style Merit Ranking Stirs Debate (2006)

Corncern About Gag Rules (2006)

U.S. Immigration Policy: New Rules Ease Scientific Exchanges (2005)

Science and Commerce: Long-Suppressed Study Finally Sees Lights of Day (1997)


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Making Science Accessible to All

Social Science: Scientific Diversity Interventions (2014)


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Peer Review and Merit

NIH's Peer Review Stands Up to Scrutiny (2015)

The Measure of Research Merit (2014)

A Perverted View of "Impact" (2013)

Science Policy: Changing Incentives to Publish (2011)

Research Policy: NIH Weighs Big Changes in Peer Review (2007)

Science Policy: NSF Begins a Push to Measure Societal Impacts of Research (2006)

Debating the Worth of NCCAM Research (2006)


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Science Lessons for the Next President (2016)

Spy Agencies Team Up with National Academies (2016)

Behind the Numbers: Rethinking the Time "Lost" to Red Tape (2015)

Japan: Spance Vision Backs Peer-Reviewd Science (2005)

European Policy: Panel Gives Thumbs-Down to European Institute of Technology (2005)


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