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Become a Project Leader

The Coalition invites individuals to become Project Leader for one of the projects described below. These are projects that have been identified by Coalition members as important for advancing the Coalition’s mission and goals. These projects will inform the work of the Coalition and its member organizations.

To apply to become Project Leader for one of the projects described below, please review the Expectations of Project Leaders and then send a statement of interest and a CV to the Coalition Secretariat. Please direct questions to Theresa Harris.


Position papers on implementation of the Right to Science
The Coalition plans to commission a series of multi-disciplinary scholarly articles that address tensions and conceptual questions identified as most relevant for developing international consensus and more robust implementation of the right to science. The Project Leader will act as an editor for the series, working with the Secretariat to develop guidelines, identify potential authors, invite manuscripts, and oversee the editing process. Completion of the articles will be timed to inform United Nations discussions regarding the right.

Travel restrictions and the Right to Science
The project will result in a background paper on the impacts of travel restrictions on scientists worldwide. The paper will provide a human rights framework and case examples to support Coalition members’ advocacy against travel restrictions that are imposed on scientists, engineers, and health professionals (e.g., scientists being prohibited from traveling abroad to participate in meetings; bans on nationals from specific countries traveling into a country to attend conferences or pursue research; etc.) The Project Leader will develop the project plan, invite co-authors to contribute, and coordinate with the Secretariat regarding editing and dissemination. This project could evolve into a series of ‘Right to Science Practice and Policy Guides’ for scientific associations.

A human rights approach to scientific, engineering and health associations’ Codes of Ethics
The project team will develop a resource guide and training workshop on how scientific, engineering and health disciplines can analyze their codes of ethics through a human rights lens. The Project Leader will develop a plan of activities including a schedule and outline of deliverables. The Project Leader will then recruit team members who will help with research and writing for the background paper and then with designing and organizing the training.

Human Rights Committees in science, engineering, and health associations
Several Coalition member associations’ membership structures include a committee, section or interest group whose mandate focuses on human rights. This project team will develop a roster of those entities with information about their structures, and then organize a convening of representatives of these committees to discuss shared goals and potential collaborative projects, and determine whether and, if so, what mechanism for regular convenings would best suit the goals of the group.

Science, engineering, health and human rights: Conversations with industry leaders
The Coalition would like to publish a series of interviews with leaders in science, engineering industry in which they will be asked questions about the role of their company and their industry in respecting, protecting, and fulfilling human rights. The Project Leader will recruit interviewers, identify potential interview subjects, coordinate the invitation, interview, and editing process, and generally ensure that the quality and form is consistent. The Project Leader will coordinate with the Secretariat to publish the articles, podcasts, and/or videos resulting from these interviews in conjunction with the monthly Coalition newsletter.