Biking for Science


Ben Kellman, PhD student at University of California, San Diego | Source: Ben Kellman

With growing uncertainty about the role of science in the current climate, it is now more important than ever to send the message loud and clear: evidence matters, and decisions made with scientific input are far more likely to succeed.

AAAS is committed to ensuring that science is fully and positively integrated into public policymaking. We must run to the action—and bring the evidence with us. And where we can’t run, we will bike.

That’s exactly what Ben Kellman is doing—he plans to bike along the California Pacific Coast all in the name of science. As a fourth year PhD student in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at the University of California, San Diego, Kellman conducts invaluable work in early identification of autism in the Lewis Lab for Systems Biochemistry and Cell Engineering. Like many other others in his shoes, he wondered what the new administration would mean for the future of science. Rather than waiting around to find out, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

After learning more about AAAS, Kellman decided to take action by supporting our advocacy efforts. Knowing that many of his friends and colleagues shared his concern, he maximized his potential impact in an exciting and creative way.

As an avid cyclist, Kellman combined his passion for biking and science to kick off a grassroots fundraiser of his very own: For every $5 donation he receives, he will bike one mile along the Pacific Coast. This means that if he raises $3,500, he will bike from San Diego to San Francisco. For $10,000, he will bike to Seattle. He plans to do this bike in mid-March.

100 percent of donations received will go directly to support AAAS’s advocacy efforts. If you would like to support his ride, go to his GoFundMe and contribute today. AAAS will continue to track Ben’s progress leading up to and during his ride.

AAAS is proud to be an unrelenting force for science. Our ability to respond and act immediately as pressing issues emerge depends on people like Ben and you. Please support this important work with a gift to the Flexible Action Fund