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Brendan Cole - Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow 2016



Brendan Cole
Wesleyan University, Physics
Fellowship Sponsor:  Heising-Simons Foundation
Fellowship Site: WIRED

Brendan Cole is a former physicist who discovered while doing experimental fluid dynamics that he was much more interested in learning and writing about the research of others than doing it himself. He was the Mass Media Fellow at WIRED in San Francisco, where he worked while also writing scripts for the YouTube channels SciShow and SciShow Space.  

Published @WIRED during Fellowship

6/10/2016          The Weirdest Senses Animals Have That You Don’t

6/14/2016          How to Train a Mockingbird to Sing Something Less Annoying

6/15/2016          LIGO Has Detected Gravitational Waves for the Second Time

6/17/2016          The Mission to Rescue a Scientist From the South Pole—in the Middle of Winter

6/22/2016          The Beauty of Laplace’s Equation, Mathematical Key to … Everything

6/23/2016          The Physics of Why Bouncy Castles Take Flight

6/24/2016          A Gold-Leaf Brain Lights Up With the Awesome Complexity of Neurons

6/29/2016          That Dire Helium Shortage? Vastly Inflated

6/30/2016          NASA’s Dawn Mission Is Over, Except Actually Not

7/06/2016          Your Senses Are Talking Behind Your Back

7/06/2016          Watch Three Astronauts Rocket to the International Space Station

7/13/2016          35 Mice Watched the Cult Film Touch of Evil for Science

7/14/2016          Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming to Win Over All You Haters

7/18/2016          Everything–Yes, Everything–Is a Harmonic Oscillator

7/21/2016          Here's How to Make Perfect, Fluffy Soft Serve–with Dry Ice

7/26/2016          Hear Us Out: You Can Totally Make a Latte Without Milk

7/28/2016          The US is Finally Getting Its First Offshore Wind Farm

7/29/2016          Google's Famous Kitchens May Serve Fake Shrimp Made of Algae

8/01/2016          A Freaky Anti-Rubber is Still Weirding Scientists Out

8/03/2016          Crap's Spontaneously Combusting in Upstate New York

8/05/2016          Sorry, Folks. The LHC Didn't Find a New Particle After All

8/08/2016          The Search for a New Type of Neutrino Turns Up Empty

8/09/2016          Dissolving Pills Aren't Just Beautiful. They're Science as Hell

8/10/2016          Drink Juice Like an Astronaut With the Magic of Reverse Spherification

8/12/2016          The Perfection of the Continuity Equation, Key to the Foundations of Reality