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CAIP Fall Meeting, October 4, 2002

AAS Consortium of Affiliates for International Programs Fall Meeting on Science Education Around the World

The meeting focused on conditions of primary and secondary education in South Africa, some countries of Europe and other developing nations. Efforts to
strengthen science education, including AAAS’ Project 2061, were discussed.


John Malin, Chairman,
AAAS CAIP Steering Committee, and representative of
American Chemical Society

Leonard Blessing, Panel Organizer, and Member,
AAAS CAIP Steering Committee, and representative of
National Association of Biology Teachers

The NEPAD Road to 2061
Reflections on Science Education in Southern Africa

Josef de Beer, Professor of Science Education
Science Education, Vista University, Pretoria, South Africa

The future of Secondary Education in the Perspective of the Construction of the European Education Space

Louis de Vos, Professor, Faculty of Sciences and the Institute of Pharmacy, Universite libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Education for National Development

John Penick, Professor and Head of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education,
North Carolina State University, Raleigh

The Role of AAAS in Science Education Reform

George DeBoer, Deputy Director, AAAS Project 2061

US/UNESCO Science and Engineering Prospects

Americans for the Universality of UNESCO