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Casey Gilman - Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow 2016



Casey Gilman
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Evolutionary Ecology
Fellowship Sponsor:  American Physiological Society
Fellowship Site: The Philadelphia Inquirer

My scientific interests are far-reaching. My academic background is in physiological and evolutionary ecology. However, as a writer I am drawn to topics ranging from space exploration to public health. I am driven by a desire to share my joy and wonder about science and make it a part of everyday conversation. I enjoy using a range of media to engage my audience. I had the great pleasure to work as a reporter intern for New England Public Radio, and while at The Philadelphia Inquirer I have published articles in Health & Science, Entertainment, Food, and contributed to one in News. I will pursue a career in science writing, and I hope to continue exploring new media and ways to inspirit the public.

Published @The Philadelphia Inquirer during Fellowship

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6/24/2016          Loggerheads can be divas and other facts to be learned at the Adventure Aquarium's Sea Turtle Cove

7/03/2016          When a mosquito bite turns deadly

7/15/2016          Can you dig it?: 6 ways to get hands-on with plants

7/30/2016          Hoping to catch missed disorders in new clinic for Plain peple in central Pa

8/02/2016          Study: More Millenials are not having sex

8/08/2016          Genetic quirk may have helped humans survive killer smoke

8/09/2016          Not your momma's microbe lab: a new genetic engineering machine takes microbial design to the masses

8/19/2016          When the nose doesn't know: recovering lost sense of smell

8/25/2016          Healthful, home-cooked dinners made easier, with recipes and groceries delivered to your door

8/28/2016          Using psychology to change deadly bathroom habits in India