Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy

The AAAS Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy (COSEPP) is appointed by the Association's Board of Directors. Members serve for a term of three years, beginning after the AAAS Annual Meeting (usually in mid- to late-February). The purpose of the Committee is to foster improved policy making on issues involving science and technology. It seeks to serve this purpose by several means:

  • by convening groups to provide advice and guidance to organizations involved in the policy making process, including (but not limited to) Congress and the executive branch agencies of the federal government;
  • by stimulating, commissioning, overseeing, and disseminating studies and analyses of issues in science, engineering, and public policy; and
  • by promoting reasoned and balanced policy discussions and debate among contending points of view on such issues.

The committee reviews the Association’s public policy activities, alerts AAAS to S&T policy issues that its members see coming over the horizon, oversees the annual AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy as well as the annual AAAS reports on federally supported R&D, and sponsors other activities such as symposia and workshops at the AAAS Annual Meeting to help scientists and engineers communicate more effectively with policymakers. COSEPP meets twice during the year, once in conjunction with the AAAS Annual Meeting in February and once in Washington, DC. In addition, the committee holds a half-day teleconference in the summer.

Committee Members

William Bonvillian 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Julie Goonewardene
University of Texas System

Miriam (Mim) John 

Mary Maxon 
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Michael R. Nelson

William Provine

Anthony (Bud) Rock
Association of Science-Technology Centers

Rush D. Holt (Ex Officio)