Council Chair

Phillip A. Sharp

AAAS President

Secretary to the Council

Alan I. Leshner

AAAS Chief Executive Officer

Members of the Board of Directors are also members of the Council.

Cammy D. Abernathy

University of Florida

Leslie C. Aiello

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research

Charles Alcock

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

John L. Anderson

Illinois Institute of Technology

Ann M. Arvin

Stanford University School of Medicine

Susan K. Avery

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Abel Baerga-Ortiz

Caribbean Division

Paul P. Biemer

RTI International

Francine Berman

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Arthur Bienenstock

Stanford University

Peter D. Blair

National Academy of Sciences

Barbara D. Boyan

Georgia Institute of Technology

James R. Broach

Pennsylvania State College of Medicine

Jed Z. Buchwald

California Institute of Technology

Judith N. Burstyn

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alison Butler

University of California, Santa Barbara

Craig Calhoun

London School of Economics

Judy Callis

University of California, Davis

Elizabeth R. Cantwell

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Roger G. Christianson

Pacific Division

Alice Clark

University of Mississippi

Lynn Cooley

Yale Univ. School of Medicine

Stuart L. Cooper

Ohio State University

Richard J. Davidson

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mary C. Dinauer

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Lawrence K. Duffy

Arctic Division

Sharon Dunwoody

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Arthur Eisenkraft

University of Massachusetts Boston

Peter Faletra

Crossroads Academy, NH

Gary Felsenfeld

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH

Mitchell H. Gail

National Cancer Institute/NIH

Allen Goldman

University of Minnesota

John A. Goldsmith

University of Chicago

C.K. Gunsalus

U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Jessica Gurevitch

Stony Brook University

Katherine A. High

Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania

Maud A. Hinchee

ArborGen, Inc.

David M. Holtzman

Washington University in St. Louis

Don M. Jordan

University of South Carolina, Columbia

Marisa C. Kozlowski

University of Pennsylvania

D. Terence Langendoen

National Science Foundation

Clark Spenser Larsen

Ohio State University

Eugene H. Levy

Rice University

Lewis Lipsitt

Brown University

Deborah F. Lockhart

National Science Foundation

Glen M. MacDonald

University of California, Los Angeles

Larry V. McIntire

Georgia Tech

Jill P. Mesirov

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

David Nash

SWARM Division

John Negele


Donna J. Nelson

University of Oklahoma

Michael R. Nelson

Georgetown University

Jacques Nör

University of Michigan

George A. O’Toole, Jr.

Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Harry T. Orr

University of Minnesota

Donald R. Ort

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Philip W. Phillips

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Judith A. Ramaley

Portland State University

Jeanette C. Roberts

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nancy H. Ruddle

Yale University

Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis

University of Florida

Lynn D. Talley

University of California, San Diego

Amy Tsui

Johns Hopkins University

JoAnn M. Valenti

Tampa, FL

Ben A. van der Pluijm

University of Michigan

Nancy C. Walworth


Committee on Council Affairs

Gerald Fink, AAAS President-Elect and CCA Chair

Whitehead Institute, MIT

Phillip A. Sharp, AAAS President

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Elizabeth R. Cantwell (2015)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Katherine A. High (2015)

Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania

Larry V. McIntire (2015)

Georgia Tech

Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis (2015)

University of Florida

Committee on Nominations

Judy R. Franz (2015)

American Physical Society

Barbara J. Grosz (2015)

Harvard University

Peter S. Kim (2015)

Merck Research Laboratories

Mary-Claire King (2014)

University of Washington

Barbara J. Meyer (2014)

University of California, Berkeley

Mario J. Molina (2015)

University of California, San Diego

Cherry A. Murray (2014)

Harvard University

Keith R. Yamamoto (2014)

University of California, San Francisco