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Criteria for Affiliation of Organizations with the AAAS

The objectives of the AAAS are: "to further the work of scientists, to facilitate cooperation among them, to foster scientific freedom and responsibility, to improve the effectiveness of science in the promotion of human welfare, and to increase public understanding and appreciation of the importance and promise of the methods of science in human progress." There are many membership organizations and professional societies which have similar aims or have interest in supporting these objectives. Association with each other can be a mutually useful way of furthering these aims. The AAAS has established affiliation of organizations with AAAS as a means of furthering these common purposes. Criteria for such affiliation are set forth below, but final judgment as to whether or not an organization sufficiently satisfies these criteria shall rest with the Council.

  1. Its aims are clearly directed toward, or consistent with, the objectives of the Association.
  2. Its program and record of activities demonstrate interest in or substantial support of research, publications, or teaching in science or the advancement of science.
  3. It is committed to the principle of equal opportunity as stated in the AAAS Statement on Discrimination in the Workplace.
  4. It has sufficiently large membership (usually at least 200) and has been in existence for a sufficient time (usually at least five years) to give promise of continued support and worthwhile activity.


[Approved by the AAAS Council, February 21, 1976; revised May 29, 1986.]


For questions regarding AAAS Affiliation, contact Charles Belo at or 202-326-8962