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Devi Shastri - 2016 AAAS and Pitts Family Foundation Minority Science Writers Intern



Devi Shastri
Marquette University
BS, Biomedical Science, Journalism
Minor: Neuroscience

Devi Shastri is a rising senior at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she created her own undergraduate science writing program by combining the university’s pre-medical and journalism curriculum. She also works on campus for the university’s award-winning student newspaper, where she spent a year as the outlet’s only health, science and technology reporter, paving the path for what is now a robust two-reporter beat. She spent the last school year working as an investigative/special projects reporter, and next year will be the editor of that desk.

Prior to her internship as Science, Devi was a reporting intern for the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, where she spent a summer reporting from the under-covered and often underserved neighborhoods of Milwaukee. She also interned with Marquette University’s O’Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism for two semesters, during which she worked on a project on government transparency under the guidance of Fellow Miranda Spivack, a former editor and reporter for the Washington Post. She traveled to Flint, Michigan during her spring break for a two-day solo reporting trip for her piece on the public health system’s role in the city’s water crisis. After Science, she will return to the fellowship to work with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Pulitzer prize-winning science reporter, Mark Johnson, on a project about zoonotic diseases.

As a Diversity Travel Fellow for the National Association of Science Writers conference, she was able to visit Boston for a few days while networking with the greats. She loves talking to people and learning from their stories, and has a passion for writing about science in a way that gets lay audiences excited about it. She believes that scientific literacy is the key to increasing social equity, and that as a science writer she hopes to take steps to achieve just that.

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