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Dianne Lugo - 2016 AAAS and Pitts Family Foundation Minority Science Writers Intern


Dianne Lugo
Beloit College
BS, Molecular, Cellular and Integrateve Biology
Journalism Minor

Dianne is a current student at Beloit College pursing a Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Biology Degree with a minor in Journalism. She is passionate about science and research with a strong background in conducting and presenting research. She was a participant in NIDDK’s NIH STEP-UP program where she was able to conduct one on one lab research with a mentor in UCLA for 8 weeks. Afterwards, she presented this research at NIH headquarters in DC. Dianne also participated in the Honors Research program senior year of high school where she designed and conducted her own lab research project. She has recently started pursuing her passion for journalism and science writing. During freshman year at Beloit, she worked as a staff writer for the college newspaper, The Round Table, writing features, news stories, and entertainment articles. She will be joining the editorial team as the News Editor next year where she will be in charge of covering all big news events during the week and delegating writers to generate content. She is also a member of Beloit College’s First Year McNair Exploratory Program. 

Read Dianne's published stories in Science by clicking the links below.

6/10/2016          Zika researcher gets virus through accidental needle stick

6/13/2016          Winning artwork created with microbes and agar

6/14/2016          New mating position observed in Bombay night frogs

6/16/2016          Microbe reverses an autismlike behavior in mice

6/17/2016          Top stories: Fast-aging birds, how running shoes change your feet, and an encore performance for gravitational waves

6/21/2016          Missing skeleton that marked the existence of the gray seal finally reappears

6/23/2016          Termites figured out agriculture 25 million years ago

6/24/2016          New U.S. drone rules get positive reviews from researchers

6/28/2016          Does crime curb or contribute to climate change?

6/29/2016          U.S. should abandon controversial effort to update human research rules, National Academies panel says

7/06/2016          Scientists granted $750,000 to develop bomb-detecting locusts

7/08/2016          U.S. Senate passes GM food labeling bill

7/12/2016          Girl Scouts are helping the planet, according to new study

7/14/2016          New map of the universe unveiled

7/19/2016          Zika may have spread from a patient to a family caregiver

7/21/2016          Everglades Foundation launches $10 million prize to clean up toxic algae blooms

7/27/2016          ​VIDEO: Game of Thrones ants sport dragonlike appearance

7/29/2016          ​Earliest case of human cancer found in 1.7-million-year-old fossil

8/02/2016          Algae is turning this Iranian lake from dark green to blood red

8/03/2016          Average Americans have gotten heavier, but not taller, since 1994

8/04/2016          Hidden portrait revealed in Degas painting