How To Apply

We will not be accepting applications for the class of 2017 while we conduct a strategic review of the first three years. Please sign up here to receive alerts about future opportunities to participate in ELISS.

Selection Criteria

ELISS fellows are selected based on the following criteria:

Leadership Potential

  • Ability to develop and organize projects and people toward positive outcomes
  • Strong interpersonal skills (e.g., listening and speaking effectively, self-awareness, empathy, conflict resolution) 
  • Takes initiative to solve problems that affect one’s work place and/or community
  • Skilled at acquiring information, connections, and resources to make things happen

Commitment to Collaborative & Interdisciplinary Approaches

  • Works well in diverse teams
  • Able to communicate complex concepts clearly to many different audiences
  • Interested in issues that cross the boundaries of disciplines and the walls of the university

Commitment to Service

  • A demonstrated interest and passion for serving society beyond one’s own discipline 
  • Willingness to go out of one’s way to help others
  • Highly motivated to engage with members of one’s community

Adaptability & Openness

  • Committed to testing ideas and assumptions, considering multiple perspectives, and challenging one’s own opinions
  • Comfortable with some risk and uncertainty, taking action without having the full picture, revising plans to better advance goals
  • Willing to take different roles as a situation demands

Scholarly & Professional Success

  • Evidence of high quality scholarship and/or research and coursework
  • Above average progress toward mastery of a discipline 
  • Dedicated to doing one’s best in scholarly and/or professional work

Commitment to Fellowship Objectives & Opportunities

  • Personal interest in expanding one’s skill–set beyond one’s graduate or professional degree program
  • Commitment to personal growth resulting from exposure to various views and environments
  • Commitment to devote the time to be successful both as an ELISS fellow and in one’s graduate or professional program

In addition to individual merit, the ELISS review committee will consider the representation of skills, disciplines, experiences, and perspectives in the overall cohort of fellows.