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Entry Point! Intern Stories

CAITLIN BAILEY - Interned at NASA - is now an oceanographer:

In 2017, Caitlin was at sea working on the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, which is the only federally funded ocean exploration vessel in the United States. She was a videographer on board and created videos for NOAA's website as well as helped operate the cameras on the ROV's (Remotely Operated Vehicles). They livestream their dives to the Internet at,  This was their last expedition in the Pacific for now. Their next ROV expedition was late in the year, exploring the Gulf of Mexico.


She Hears the Stars.

Wanda interned at NASA in 2005 and had several more very successful summers opportunities at NASA.  When funding was no longer available, she returned  to her home in Puerto Rico.  The only job she could find was sweeping floors in a factory.  “We laugh a lot”, she told me about her co-workers.  Soon afterwards, she found her way to the University of Glascow, where she earned her doctorate.  She now does post- doctoral work at the South African Astronomical Observatory and is a well-respected sonic astrophysicist.

The article below, recently published in Diversity In Action, tells her wonderful story{%22issue_id%22:452765,%22page%22:28}



William, who also interned at NASA was recently hired as a process engineer, at Tesla, working on the Model X line Power Train!

"And I owe it all to EntryPoint! Thanks for setting my career and life on such a great trajectory!"