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Expectations of Project Leaders

Coalition projects are undertaken by volunteers. The Coalition has funding for some project-related expenses but project leaders and team members donate their time and expertise. Team members gain exposure to new ideas at the intersections of science, engineering, and human rights, as well as opportunities to work on multi-disciplinary teams to create meaningful resources for the scientific and human rights communities. Publications can be included as professional work on their CVs.

Project Leaders are expected to:

  • Work closely with the Coalition Secretariat at AAAS to ensure completion of the project. This includes developing work plans, budgets, and dissemination plans.
  • Recruit and lead an effective project team. This includes holding regular meetings, either in person or remotely, creating and managing a project plan that engages all team members, and delivering expected work products according to the schedule. The Secretariat staff can provide support including scheduling meetings, setting up conference calls or online meetings, taking notes, and connecting teams with relevant programs and offices within AAAS.

The Coalition and AAAS have high standards for documents that are published with our name and logo. Thus, before any work products can be made public, they must be reviewed and approved in accordance with the Coalition’s policies for publication.