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Fellowship Areas

Apply for up to two areas.

Executive Branch Fellowship

Fellowship opportunities in the
executive branch are the most
numerous of the four fellowships.
Executive branch fellows contribute to
policy, administration and
implementation in a
vast array of federal agencies.
[Over 150 placements]

Judicial Branch Fellowship

Engage with contemporary policy
issues facing the judiciary while
contributing your scientific and
technical expertise to judicial
administration, operations, education
programs, protocol and discovery, or
courtroom technology.
[One placement available]

Legislative Branch Fellowship

The Congressional Science &
Engineering Fellowships are
sponsored by more than 30 scientific
and engineering societies. Fellows on
Capitol Hill help research, develop
and draft legislation and provide
input on policy review and oversight.

Roger Revelle Fellowship in Global Stewardship

The Revelle fellowship is a unique
opportunity to address global
stewardship issues by applying a
science or engineering background
toward solutions to societal problems
including ecosystems, population and climate change.

[One placement available periodically]